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Patreon API Issues

Patreon is currently having issues with their API. I don't know when they will fix it, so if you're having issues claiming your rewards for Patreon then please let us know via discord or at contact@mywaifulist.moe

Thanks so much for your patience.


August 10th Website Update

Another new update has been pushed live to the MyWaifuList website.


Current and future Patreon Supporters can now connect to their Patreon via our account settings!

Get those perks [almost] instantly~

Other new features

  • You can now follow other users' profiles
  • You can now view a list of who follows any user from the list on their profile page
  • The bulky avatar border has been removed on profile pages
  • You can now sort lists on your profile by name (A-Z, Z-A)
  • Profile banners on mobile devices are now sexy and streamlined
  • New Partner profile badge has been added, example

Lots of additional functionality will be added in the future surrounding user events, following profiles, and other news/notifications as we get closer to a mobile app release.


Fundraiser by Sentai Filmworks

Help KyoAni Heal

"On July 18, 2019, JST, an arsonist set the Kyoto Animation studio on fire injuring dozens of people and leading to the loss of multiple lives. Details on this unbelievable act are still developing.

Sentai Filmworks hopes to help the KyoAni team during this time of need and asks that you join us in this endeavor."


If you can, please donate to help Kyoto Animation on GoFundMe.
Thank you so much.

The Help KyoAni Heal GoFundMe campaign has ended, with the total amount raised coming out to a massive $2,370,690!
"The final withdrawal and distribution plan for this campaign’s funds is still taking shape, and our developing plans will be shared on this page as they are finalized. It takes time to determine a plan that considers the complexity of the situation at hand, but rest assured that behind the scenes works a team dedicated to delivering these funds in the most efficient and considerate way possible." - Sentai Filmworks


Spring 2019 Character War

Our Best Girl of Spring 2019 Character War has begun.

Head on over to our Ongoing Wars page or click on the top banner to vote for your favorite character!

War ends July 4th at 11:59PM PST (July 5th at 07:59AM UST).

Watchlists Now Available

You can access our new Watchlist feature by visiting a series page such as Shield Hero and adding giving it a status on the right. After that, just go to your profile page and it will be visible in the Watchlist tab.

Patreon donors have been given a sexier badge on their profile and will also be able to change their true loves picture on their profile moving forward.

We also have a new logo you probably noticed in the top left! Much better than just text!

Once enough time has passed we'll start digging into the series with the best ratings & most watches and bring those stats to the dashboard.

Thank you again for your continued support <3!

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Top Patreon Supporters


Stradivari96 has been a Patreon supporter since the start of 2019. I have actually printed out his donation confirmation and put it under my pillow at night for comfy sleeps.


Tromodolo and I met on a pilgrimage on the great northern mountain of Héng Shān. We were both on a quest of personal discovery to find meaning to life - and why the great spirit gave us Waifus. We have yet to uncover the truth - but we both know that one day we will find it.


goku21 came into my life when I was attending an All Weebs Idol Academy in Horikoshi, Japan. I was practicing for my next performance when it started to rain, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I continued to dance for another 40 minutes in the pouring rain. Shortly after I was hospitalized with a 108 degree fever. Goku21 helped me regain my strength and within a few weeks I was back on my feet.


I missed her birthday party last year when I got enslaved by murlocs during a quest. I was stricken with grief when I heard no one showed up. Maybe I can convince Megumin to join us next year...


He has no name, no Waifus liked, no Waifus trashed. A mysterious traveler who remains completely neutral in the turbulent world of Waifus.

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