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Data Quality Update

Hello Waifu Lovers!
The data quality update is officially live. That means your waifus will now submit as pending, and our lovely mods will take over filling in all the details you don't have. This was a rather huge mess to unravel data-wise as the site originally was meant to have a waifu be linked to a single series - but that's all cleaned up now.
There may be a few bugs here and there to iron out, so if you discover anything odd just drop it into discord. Thanks!
For a full list of changes, check out the patreon link on the right side there! Thanks!


Winter 2019 Character War

Our Best Girl of Winter 2019 Character War has begun.

Head on over to our Ongoing Wars page or click on the top banner to vote for your favorite character!

War ends April 9th at 23:59UST (4:59PM PST)

Upcoming Updates and a ToS Reminder

A quick update to our ToS and a reminder to everyone that as of now NSFW content is not allowed, and anything sexually explicit involving characters who are below the age of 14 are NOT ALLOWED and will result in your account being banned.

Live Updates:

  • Ban Functionality - Anyone caught breaking our ToS can now be banned from the platform entirely.

Upcoming Updates:

  • Approval Process - All Waifu additions will go through Moderator approval.

  • Edit Requests - We plan to eventually allow specific users (and maybe the general public), to request edits to a character and fill out the information themselves, to then be approved by a Moderator.

  • Series - Series will be overhauled entirely, to be "As Seen In", so that way characters can be assigned to multiple series.

Additional News:

These updates lead up to a very big goal. In the near future we will be overhauling the site, and going through a mass clean up where we will attempt to fix series, characters, images, etc. If you are interested in helping with this clean up, join our server and message Yumi#0001.


Support MyWaifuList

Hey guys, if you want to support MyWaifuList but aren't able to give any money, try just using Brave Browser.

Brave is AMAZING, especially on mobile phones. It'll automatically filter out ads, trackers, and is compatible with Chrome extensions. If you sign up with this link, I get some BAT! Thanks!

Get Brave Browser


Small Update

Hey everyone, we've done a few updates to the site for some quality of life reasons.

  • Sun & Moon in top right (desktop) to toggle light\dark theme
  • Located in pulldown menu on mobile devices
  • Comments now allow limited markdown (read the guide)
  • Comment images are now available (don't put NSFW stuff in it) - will resize to 250px on the largest axis
  • If you need to report a comment, issue a report on the waifu\husbando
  • All resources now housed under{・ω-*}
  • Various tweaks to remove external dependencies

Additional Update:

  • Discord links now contain sexy thumbnails
  • og:tags, better descriptions, helpers for twitter

Random Items:

  • Hotfixed some date issues with Firefox
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