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Naijeru · 2018-10-05

Our Best Girl of Summer 2018 Waifu War has come to a close.

Winner: Albedo (Overlord) — 45 Votes (15%)

  1. Mayuri Shiina (Steins;Gate) — 42 Votes (14%)
  2. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia) — 29 Votes (10%)
  3. Rem Galleu (How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord) — 23 Votes (8%)
  4. Platelet Leader (Cells at Work) — 19 Votes (6%)

Total Votes: 300

HUGE Thank You to everyone for always participating in these seasonal waifu wars. It's now time for Fall 2018!

Naijeru · 2018-09-24

The Best Girl of Summer 2018 Seasonal Waifu War is NOW LIVE!

Voting ends on October 4th, 2018 at 23:59UTC.

YumiStryke · 2018-07-09

In a super heated battle this season, our waifu of the season has been chosen! It was head to head until the last day, but Makise Kurisu is our Waifu of the Season! The totals are:

  • Makise Kurisu - 65
  • Kirishima Touka - 50
  • Uraraka Ochako - 37
  • Nakiri Erina - 24
  • Kohiruimaki Karen - 22

Total Votes: 424

Really amazing season of anime, HYPE FOR NEXT SEASON, WOOO

YumiStryke · 2018-07-04

Just a small update today with some super awesome features:

  • Series are now sorted alphabetically in the "Currently Airing" widget
  • Browse now has the same pagination functionality as user profiles
  • Browse now sorts name by default
  • "Ongoing War" now has a more pronounced section at the top of the Dashboard
Naijeru · 2018-07-01

While we have made tons of smaller changes since the release of 2.0, here are a few additional ones that were just added:

  • There is now a "View My Profile" button in the main mobile menu (finally; sorry for the wait mobile users)
  • Waifus are now sorted A-Z by default on user profiles
  • Comments are sorted by "Recent First" on user profiles
  • User Icons are now clickable in comments
  • Added "First" and "Last" page buttons to profiles for users whos lists span more than six pages
  • "Remember Me" option has been added to user sign-in
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Ayano is serious in her studies and in her job at the student council. As a hard studyist, she constantly sees herself as a rival to Kyōko who always manages to beat her in tests without actually doing much of an effort, making Ayano mad every time. She often makes puns involving foreign words (mai...

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Tuesday 11:38
can't hate her when she's not at fault
Tuesday 11:01
She's so underrated :(
Tuesday 03:02
Monday 20:50
best waifu
Monday 14:04
i love her but she only love with yamato no matter what (T^T)
Monday 13:29
trashiest smug loli.
Monday 13:28
Monday 13:27
A bit overrated, but still fricking amazing.
Monday 13:21
yorokobe shonen
Monday 13:13
Love her smug face
Monday 13:11
Fucking best girl. She's so cute.