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Happy Mother's Day

To all of the real-world mothers, and of course the anime moms - Happy Mother's Day

Keep doing the important work that only you can do best!


Comment Guidelines Clarification

Mirroring a post made in our Discord server, there has become an apparent need to specify our rules regarding offensive comments.

There will be absolutely no targeted comments towards other users or groups of users that are racist, sexist, discriminatory, or generally offensive.

Profane language in general conversation is still allowed (who doesn't use the word fuck and/or fucking for emphasis on occasion?).
That being said, I won't beat around the bush here:
We DO NOT call people, for example, autistic, retards, or autistic retards. These are offensive slurs that will not be tolerated moving forward in any capacity. Not towards people, not in reference to anything. That being said: this is the internet. People slip up, there are words with varying degrees of offensiveness, and the specific case and context matter as well. We won't be automatically be banning users in the vast majority of cases, but can't rule out that possibility entirely.
These are the disciplinary steps that we will adhere to most of the time, however:
First strike. The message will, of course, be deleted; We will do our best to reach out to the user in question with a warning and in most cases, give a reason as to why we don't allow this.
Second strike. Same as above, but we will also issue a 'Comment Ban' to the user for 72 hours, sometimes longer. Upon that time being up, functionality will return to normal and you will be given one last chance.
Third strike. Three strikes and you're out they say. The user in question will be permanently banned from posting comments to our website, and in some cases, may be banned from the website entirely. Clearly, rules and common decency don't matter to you, nor do you care enough about the server and the people in it to adhere to basic guidelines.
While this is being posted in conjunction with a repeated warning about inappropriate comments specifically, these steps will generally apply to any behavior that we don't allow on-site.


Data Quality Update

Hello Waifu Lovers!
The data quality update is officially live. That means your waifus will now submit as pending, and our lovely mods will take over filling in all the details you don't have. This was a rather huge mess to unravel data-wise as the site originally was meant to have a waifu be linked to a single series - but that's all cleaned up now.
There may be a few bugs here and there to iron out, so if you discover anything odd just drop it into discord. Thanks!
For a full list of changes, check out the patreon link on the right side there! Thanks!


Winter 2019 Character War

Our Best Girl of Winter 2019 Character War has begun.

Head on over to our Ongoing Wars page or click on the top banner to vote for your favorite character!

War ends April 9th at 23:59UST (4:59PM PST)

Upcoming Updates and a ToS Reminder

A quick update to our ToS and a reminder to everyone that as of now NSFW content is not allowed, and anything sexually explicit involving characters who are below the age of 14 are NOT ALLOWED and will result in your account being banned.

Live Updates:

  • Ban Functionality - Anyone caught breaking our ToS can now be banned from the platform entirely.

Upcoming Updates:

  • Approval Process - All Waifu additions will go through Moderator approval.

  • Edit Requests - We plan to eventually allow specific users (and maybe the general public), to request edits to a character and fill out the information themselves, to then be approved by a Moderator.

  • Series - Series will be overhauled entirely, to be "As Seen In", so that way characters can be assigned to multiple series.

Additional News:

These updates lead up to a very big goal. In the near future we will be overhauling the site, and going through a mass clean up where we will attempt to fix series, characters, images, etc. If you are interested in helping with this clean up, join our server and message Yumi#0001.

Waifu of the day

First mistaken by Maka and Soul to be a witch that they needed to make Soul a death scythe, it turns out that she is just a cat with strong magical po...

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