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Best Girl of 2017 WINNER and Rankings
Naijeru on 2018-01-13

Voting has closed, and the best girl of 2017 has been decided.

The winner is...Megumin from KonoSuba!

Huge thank you to everyone who voted in this poll of ours, and we look forward to your participation in future events.

Overall Rankings

  1. Megumin (KonoSuba) - 106 Votes
  2. Shinobu Oshino - 52 Votes
  3. Kanna Kamui - 41 Votes
  4. Tsuyu Asui - 36 Votes
  5. Kou Yagami - 31 Votes
  6. Moriko Morioka - 29 Votes
  7. Alice Nakiri - 26 Votes
  8. Zero (Grimoire of Zero) - 16 Votes

    Total Votes: 337

Vote for the Best Girl of 2017!
Naijeru on 2018-01-03

Now that 2017 is over it’s time to vote for your favorite waifu of the year! We picked the two most popular girls from each season (based on statistics from our website) and pitted them against each other in a WAIFU WAR. Voting will remain open until January 13th, and the rankings will be announced later that day. GET VOTING!

Small Update
ReaverCelty on 2017-12-29

Quick update today

  • True love can now be abandoned
  • Today's Birthdays now visible on dashboard
  • Donors given a special orange flag on their profile
  • FAQ now available under your account -> FAQ
  • Achievements not unlocked can be seen under account -> achievements

Birthday Fixes
ReaverCelty on 2017-11-04

Due to the amount of weird birthdays given by waifu creators (like say the waifu was born April 5th, with no year) I've moved the birthday entry to be three separate fields. All current people have been automatically moved to these fields if they had a valid date given. If you have a waifu that has a non-accurate year you can edit her and empty the field. Likewise, if there is a known birthday of just a day or month we can also support that now. Finally, we also support things like BC\AD added to the year (if its important).

Special shout out to akainoarisu for buying me a coffee using the link in the footer. I made this feature while sipping a latte.

If you would like to contribute a delicious beverage you may do so here

Spread The Love
ReaverCelty on 2017-10-11

You can now love your one true waifu with the True Love button.

Love is a really big commitment. Don't just go jumping into things or you may regret it later.

Also, I added a weeb locator under users so you can look for your friends.


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January 20th Birthdays

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