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YumiStryke on 2017-06-15

Hey all, its Yumi the MyWaifuList Community Manager here to announce a few things related to our amazing community!


Today I'm going to announce a single contest, with more being in the works. This contest was created and is being run by SpanishGalleon! All information for the contest can be found in this Google Doc she created for us!.

Art Contest Link

This is just the start though! I am looking for community input on different contests and ideas to help boost our community! We're looking to become a super active place for all Waifu lovers to gather and discuss characters, whether it be Best Girl material, or Trash (cough Aqua cough), So if you have any ideas please send me (Yumi) a message on Discord and we can certainly see what we can do!

Lastly, thank you all for being active around here its awesome to see all you guys on the Discord being active and such. For those who aren't on our Discord, please join us!

Discord Link - Join us

New Update, New Features
ReaverCelty on 2017-06-11


Hello Everyone, here is some update news!

  • Fixed markdown editor
  • Moderators can now access news to make postings
  • Standalone wars now available
  • Added cache-busting


Wars are a showdown between waifus that allow you to place a single vote. After the final date, the war is concluded and the votes are tallied to find the winner which will be displayed in a "wars" area (will be enabled after our first war concludes). You can expect more wars as time goes on.

Got an idea for a war? Drop a suggestion off to @Yumi on discord.

Small Update
ReaverCelty on 2017-05-27
  • Broke my markdown admin editor
  • Tags are now moderator controlled
  • To request a tag, bother @yumi on discord
  • This will hopefully result in better tags
  • We will have wars based on tags (Loli wars incoming)
  • Build process now in webpack2 backed by AVA testing
  • Other backend improvements that took awhile

Thank you for your continued support!

pssst, also I will be at Crunchyroll Expo if you want to buy me a beer.

Usability Updates!
ReaverCelty on 2017-04-08

New Stuff

Hey guys, I finished up a few things here and there today. Nothing too extreme, but here are the notes:

  • Gallery will now load 25 images at a time
  • Gallery now has buttons on the left and right to cycle between images
  • Initial placeholder text for source links are there (pixiv and stuff)
  • Image scaling is now done properly on waifu cards (you probably noticed some landscape images before were getting squished toward the top - this is fixed)
  • New full length card for #1 waifus that will display some information for them is available (auto-hides on mobile for other display)
  • Moderator controls are available for the gallery now (Phew!)
  • Moderators can now merge waifus (this will move over comments, images, and votes)
  • Moderators can now merge series (this will move over waifus from one to another)
  • Discord now has a bot to tell you when I ship updates to the server

In The Works

  • Waifu & Series Merge for Moderators
  • Profile customizations & badges for top contributors
  • Tag Moderation
  • Normalize tags into a subset of available ones (e.g. removal of very strange tags that no one would be searching for and bucket them into good waifu categories like THICC, Tsundere, Megane, etc)
  • Rotational Tag Based War (Tsunderes vs Kuuderes)
  • Waifu Of The Day

Thank you for your continued support! <3

Better search bar support
ReaverCelty on 2017-04-06

The search bar now accepts JP characters so the alternative name field is now searchable. Turns out it was a bit more involved than I thought, but it should be good to go now. Have at it.

Looking to chat? Head on over to our discord channel here
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