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YumiStryke · 2018-07-09

In a super heated battle this season, our waifu of the season has been chosen! It was head to head until the last day, but Makise Kurisu is our Waifu of the Season! The totals are:

  • Makise Kurisu - 65
  • Kirishima Touka - 50
  • Uraraka Ochako - 37
  • Nakiri Erina - 24
  • Kohiruimaki Karen - 22

Total Votes: 424

Really amazing season of anime, HYPE FOR NEXT SEASON, WOOO

YumiStryke · 2018-07-04

Just a small update today with some super awesome features:

  • Various improvements to Moderation and Administrator tools
  • Series are now sorted alphabetically in the "Currently Airing" widget
  • Browse now has the same pagination functionality as user profiles
  • Browse now sorts name by default
  • "Ongoing War" now has a more pronounced section at the top of the Dashboard
  • News has a bit more breathing room
Naijeru · 2018-07-01

While we have made tons of smaller changes since the release of 2.0, here are a few additional ones that were just added:

  • There is now a "View My Profile" button in the main mobile menu (finally; sorry for the wait mobile users)
  • Waifus are now sorted A-Z by default on user profiles
  • Comments are sorted by "Recent First" on user profiles
  • User Icons are now clickable in comments
  • Added "First" and "Last" page buttons to profiles for users whos lists span more than six pages
  • "Remember Me" option has been added to user sign-in
Naijeru · 2018-06-25
Due to some issues, we had to remove and repost the Spring 2018 Seasonal Waifu War: If you had already voted, please vote again!

The Best Girl of Spring 2018 Seasonal Waifu War is NOW LIVE!

Voting ends on July 5th, 2018 at 00:00UTC.

Naijeru · 2018-06-23

The MyWaifuList 2.0 Update is Finally Here!



While you can still support us via Ko-Fi, we also offer the ability for users to support our website through Patreon.

Links to our Patreon, Ko-Fi, Discord, and all of our social media can be found in the website's footer!

Main Changes

  • Entirely new front-end from scratch.
  • New landing page with new mission statement, quotes, and testimonials
  • "Waifu of the Day" Widget
    ‣‣ Picks a random waifu every 24 hours to feature on the main dashboard
  • Currently airing shows will now appear on the dashboard with horizontal scrolling
  • Redesigned "Discussions" and "Birthdays" widgets
  • Redesigned "War" cards and UI
  • Wars will now show vote counts for each waifu, prior to voting
  • War duration now shows start and stop times in the users locale
  • Waifu Cards (Popular, Seasonal, etc) now show the characters series and description
  • Characters now feature exploding hearts or trash can animations depending on how you claim them
  • Tags can now be applied in multiples more effectively on the "Browse" page
  • You can now search for tags on the "Browse" page
  • Most popular tags are now shown on the "Browse" page
  • Character pages now have a button to upload new photos immediately; Displayed as an overlay on the current default image
  • Character pages now have a less intrusive "Report" button with dropdown and text entry
  • Added description paragraph support for character and series' pages
  • Added an age section to character profiles
  • Added alternate title sections for Series
  • User Profiles now support larger lists with the implimentation of pagination
    ‣‣ This should drastically decrease page loading times for users with extensive lists or lots of comments
  • Logged-in users can now update, set, or scale their banner directly, rather than in account settings
    ‣‣ Desktop (non-mobile) users only
  • Users can now delete their own comments
  • Primary navigation now features a full menu with better dropdowns
  • Mobile navigation now features a new pulldown menu
  • Better navigation menu options for account dropdown
  • Better tag placement on existing characters
  • User Registration is now behind a Captcha
  • New access denied error pages; DIO error page should now be drastically less common
  • Added new pages for our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • New FAQ page with section on how best girl is measured

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Waifu Cards would be awkwardly shaped if the name was too long
  • Fixed an issue where buttons such as love/trash/meh would show up on Waifu Cards incorrectly, despite not meeting the conditions to display them
  • Fixed an issue causing some users to be unable to upload images
  • Fixed data pickers default formatting upon submission while updating a series
  • Fixed the mobile top-header displayed on Character pages
  • Ensured non-logged-in users can see comments
Waifu of the day

Eri is shown to be a perfect role model to the students in Otonokizaka High School. With her as the student council president, she is often portrayed as a cold and strict character due to her responsibilities, and being against the idea of Kousaka Honoka and her friends forming an idol group to get ...

Ongoing Discussions
Tuesday 06:59
fuck this girl
I mean, its simple, shes cute, u want to protect her and she always smile and that smile makes me so
Tuesday 01:45
And she was born March 18th
Tuesday 01:44
You forgot to add her age, she's 16
Monday 22:43
best dance
Monday 22:15
She may have her flaws but at least she has enough reason to to act the way she does. Unlike "Hurr-D
Monday 21:47
I just Love them!
Monday 21:33
Best girl 10/10 would fuck in my Dreams again