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Spring 2019 Character War

Our Best Girl of Spring 2019 Character War has begun.

Head on over to our Ongoing Wars page or click on the top banner to vote for your favorite character!

War ends July 4th at 11:59PM PST (July 5th at 07:59AM UST).

Watchlists Now Available

You can access our new Watchlist feature by visiting a series page such as Shield Hero and adding giving it a status on the right. After that, just go to your profile page and it will be visible in the Watchlist tab.

Patreon donors have been given a sexier badge on their profile and will also be able to change their true loves picture on their profile moving forward.

We also have a new logo you probably noticed in the top left! Much better than just text!

Once enough time has passed we'll start digging into the series with the best ratings & most watches and bring those stats to the dashboard.

Thank you again for your continued support <3!

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Patreon Changes

As of today, our Patreon tiers have been slightly reworked.


The $1/month option has been removed in favor of a $2/month tier

All users who actively support us at the old rate will continue to receive benefits for as long as they remain a Patreon.
Donate at this tier for Patreon-exclusive posts and early access to upcoming MyWaifuList features.

API access has from this point on been moved into the $5/month tier

With this (as you might already be aware) you also get a custom Supporter message on the website dashboard and all previous rewards.

The $10/month tier now allows you to become a Character War Sponsor

Choose a theme + participants and watch the rest of our community vote in your name. A special banner will be displayed on the war page throughout the duration naming you the Sponsor and linking to your user profile! As always, these will still last a full week.
You also get access to all rewards from the two previous donation levels.
All tiers still receive the Donor title/role on the website and Discord server.
More changes could come as we continue to work on offering cool perks to our amazing donors.

Visit our Patreon page here.

MyWaifuList Happenings ⁠— Week of 6/17/19

What's happening with MyWaifuList this week you ask?

Firstly, this is a new kind of post I want to try and have up every Monday that details what will be going on in our community over the next week. Some weeks might be slower than others, so there is a possibility that I don't post during a week that nothing, in particular, is happening. We'll see how it goes.


The Spring 2019 Character War cutoff is this Sunday, June 23rd 2019, at 23:59PM PST

Make sure to vote up your favorites on the Seasonal Best Girls page to guarantee their placement!

Another new update is approaching

There is still work to do, but either this Sunday (June 23rd) or next (June 30th) we will be introducing Watch Lists to MyWaifuList!

Add the series you care about to your list and mark them as Watching, Completed, Dropped, or Planned. You can even add a rating and your start/finish dates. Once we get more data the series will be ranked site-wide, allowing everyone to further see what is popular and what isn't.

Read more about the coming update and see some first-look screenshots here.

Example Character Submission Page

This is something that was added alongside our Permissions Update but wasn't touched on, so I wanted to briefly go over it here in this news post.

On the Add Character page, there is now a clickable button at the top labeled 'Example Form.' This will take you to an image page that outlines what a complete, quality character submission should look like.

Looking over the page should hopefully give you a good idea as to what we expect of users submitting new characters to the website. It is mentioned in the notes there as well, but we recognize the fact that not all characters will have as complete a profile as our example. Please just fill out your submissions as accurately and completely as possible, making sure to also upload a default image and including the proper submission notes.

An important disclosure

While Patreon has been going pretty great, and we are of course endlessly thankful for those who have decided to support us there so far, it probably won't come as a surprise that a site of our current size has operating expenses that just aren't covered by that yet. Most of you who have been around for a while have probably recognized that, outside of our Patreon page, we haven't monetized the website at all.

All of this being said, we are currently looking into displaying advertisements on our website in the near future. This will allow us to cover the predictable monthly expenses of course, but also to budget for additional art assets, community events, and even more in the future.

Because no one particularly enjoys seeing advertisements, we fully ensure that everything displayed will be anime-related and have immediate relevance to our audience. These ads will be as unintrusive (no pop-ups or videos!) and authentic as possible and will never be displayed on profile or account-related pages.

If you are an anime-related company and are interested in advertising, send us an email and I will get back to you with more information.

This first post was a bit lengthy, but there were a couple of extra things that I need to get out of the way that wouldn't normally be included here. That is all for now: We hope you continue enjoying MyWaifuList!

Questions, comments, complaints? Let us know on Discord or send us an email.

6/4/19 Update — Permissions, Power Users, and More!

Another new update has been pushed live with even more new features. 


Username claiming is now open to ALL USERS! Accessible via Manage Account. Hurry and get yours quick!

Added the new Power User role (!)

These users can again edit information, but can also be granted other permissions like approving characters, managing reports, etc.
Shoutout to our first Power User, Krasier!


  • Username claiming is now open to all users
  • Added the new Power User role
  • UID now displays under the username on profile pages
  • New default image for comments from accounts without a set profile picture
  • Heart and Trash icons are now inline, making them much sexier
  • The hitbox for info on character cards in larger now
  • Updated landing page to handle potato screens better
  • Updated maintenance page
  • Pagination is now less hideous
  • Moderation Panel upgrade
  • Entirely new permissions system; nuked old permissions and roles
  • All unit and integration tests have been rewritten to accommodate new permission architecture
  • Much improved slugging system - characters now append to parent series name in url
  • API now accepts either Slugs or ID's for get waifu, get series
  • API now returns permanent ID's for resources

Moving forward, you might gradually see certain character URLs (slugs) change over to the new formatting.
For example, Abigail [Heart of the Woods] will change from:

https://mywaifulist.moe/waifu/abigail-2 (current)
https://mywaifulist.moe/waifu/abigail-heart-of-the-woods (new)

This change is going to help with url appearance, SEO in the long run, and link sharability across social platforms.

We may or may not also default profile URLs to the new usernames, versus the existing UIDs, without notice.
In the meantime, claiming a username is already LIVE, and friends can visit your profile directly through the new link.
Example of the new Profile URL format: https://mywaifulist.moe/u/naijeru


Want to easily help support MyWaifuList? Try out Brave Browser using our link!

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