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Seeing as she's an idol, Sayaka has a cheerful, sweet, and supporting personality. Despite her idol career, Sayaka actual enjoys cooking. Sayaka deve...

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Tromodolo and I met on a pilgrimage on the great northern mountain of Héng Shān. We were both on a quest of personal discovery to find meaning to life - and why the great spirit gave us Waifus. We have yet to uncover the truth - but we both know that one day we will find it.


goku21 came into my life when I was attending an All Weebs Idol Academy in Horikoshi, Japan. I was practicing for my next performance when it started to rain, but I wasn't going to let that stop me. I continued to dance for another 40 minutes in the pouring rain. Shortly after I was hospitalized with a 108 degree fever. Goku21 helped me regain my strength and within a few weeks I was back on my feet.


I missed her birthday party last year when I got enslaved by murlocs during a quest. I was stricken with grief when I heard no one showed up. Maybe I can convince Megumin to join us next year...


He has no name, no Waifus liked, no Waifus trashed. A mysterious traveler who remains completely neutral in the turbulent world of Waifus.

Jacqueline W-S

Jacqueline (pronounced Juh-kwell-in) and I first crossed paths at Menya Musashi in Shunjuku. I had just strolled up to the machine to purchase my ramen ticket and realized I had lost my wallet and smartphone when I got isekai'd into another world. I was distraught when suddenly another patron not only paid for my ramen & beer, but also listened the tale of how I drifted between worlds to find the best Waifus for MyWaifuList. We've been friends ever since.


KaKoussNight and I met while infiltrating the famous Hanzou Academy - a school dedicated to training the top Ninja Waifus. It was a perilous mission but we knew we were the only ones who could do it. KaKoussNight summoned a mighty guardian dragon to stay by his side while he collected intel. I provided a distraction by summoning a spider guardian that was able to use instant transmission & shadow clone. No other Waifu Intel squad has ever topped our speed and cunning.