MyWaifuList: Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this site?

This site is for uploading, liking, trashing, and loving your Waifus and Husbandos.

What is a Waifu/Husbando?

A fictional character which you have an affinity for.

What Waifus\Husbandos are allowed?

Any waifu\husbando from anime, manga, games, light novels, hentai, doujinshi, etc.

Are real people allowed?

If this person has an anime equivalent art (such as Nyanners from Twitch, or Obama shown in several anime series) then yes. If not, then no.

What kind of pictures are allowed?

Please set the default display picture to a general audience one. As far as the gallery, we are in the process of adding NSFW controls, so make sure any NSFW art is not the default. Sexually explicit images of underage Waifus are prohibited.

Some of my art is in the gallery, how can I get it removed?

To have your art removed, please email with the art, link to the Waifu, and proof of ownership (screenshot of you logged into social media, for instance)

How are Waifus scored for the love to trash ratio? The math is wrong!

We use the lower bound of a wilson score confidence interval for a bernoulli parameter. A bernoulli parameter is either "like" or "trash". This is made into a probability distribution. From there, we use a confidence interval to guess where the final score will end up (with a degree of certainty - we use the 95% interval). When you shove this into a scary equation, it will tell us roughly a score by the proportion of likes out of all votes. We take the lower bound of this interval to give us some wiggle room since we may end up comparing very popular Waifus with over 3,000 votes to some with only 400 votes.

How do I donate?

Click the "Buy me a Coffee" link in the footer.

Is a mobile app planned?