MyWaifuList: Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Please read the following carefully to understand your data protection rights. MyWaifuList makes every effort to ensure your information is secure.

What We Collect

MyWaifuList will collect the following personal information if you register a standalone account:

Email Address

If you signed up using twitter, we store your twitter user_id.

What We Do With What We Collect

MyWaifuList will do the following with the information we collect:
  • Log you into your account

Who We Share Your Information With

We share your email address and IP address with third party bug reporting software and logging software in order to create a stable environment for all users. Moderators will have access to your email address if you have one on file.


Cookies contain a small amount of information to enable MyWaifuList to recognize your browser and tell us when you're on the site. You must accept cookies to use this website.

Third Party Marketing Tools

MyWaifuList uses Google Analytics.

Automatically Collected Information

MyWaifuList will automatically collect IP address information upon registration, image upload, and commenting to prevent abuse.

Information You Elect To Share

We are not responsible for information you elect to share (e.g. do not put your full address in the name field, so on).

Right To Be Forgotten

You have the right to remove any personal information you have elected to share. We will retain a copy of your email address and related network logs.

Data Retention

Your account information will be stored forever in our logs.

Requesting Account Termination

You may request your account be terminated by contacting our staff on discord. An account termination feature will be available in the near future.


MyWaifuList makes every effort to implement appropriate technical measures to ensure the security of this site. Users will be notified within 24 hours after a breach has been verified.

Responsible Disclosure

If you notice an issue on MyWaifuList related to:
  • Account Safety
  • Security
  • Legal concern
  • Other technical concern
Please take the appropriate steps to ensure issues are disclosed directly to admins or moderators so we can get it fixed up. This is a free service, without ads, please help keep it that way.