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My Life as a Teenage Robot

Original Name
Romaji Name
Parent Title
My Life as a Teenage Robot
Episode Count
Release Date
August 1st, 2003
Airing Start Date
August 1st, 2003
Airing End Date
May 2nd, 2009

My Life as a Teenage Robot is set in the fictional town of Tremorton, Pennsylvania and its themes focus on making lighthearted fun of typical teenage problems and other conventions and drama of the teenage and superhero lives mixed up with a combination of action, adventure, sci-fi fantasy and comedy sequences. The series follows XJ-9 ("Jenny Wakeman", as she prefers to be called; voiced by Janice Kawaye), who is a highly sophisticated state-of-the-art sentient gynoid automaton robot girl created by her mother Dr. Nora Wakeman (Candi Milo), an elderly robotics scientist, five years prior to the series. Jenny is Earth's protector, armed to the teeth with a wide range of weapons and devices, but all she really wants is to live the life of a normal teenager.

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