Ragyō Kiryūin

Ragyō Kiryūin
Original Name
鬼龍院 羅暁
Romaji Name
Kiryūin Ragyō
Appears In
Kill la Kill
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 254
Like # 1316
Trash # 33

Ragyō Kiryūin is the true main antagonist of Kill la Kill. She was the wife of Sōichirō Kiryūin, the mother of Satsuki Kiryūin and Ryūko Matoi, Revocs Corporation's CEO and the chair of Honnōji Academy. Ragyō's most prominent feature is her resplendent multi-colored hair with a silver color on top. She has a very attractive and authoritarian appearance, and is at all times flaunting glamorous dresses. She seems to be quite tall as well. Much like her oldest daughter, Ragyō is often accompanied by a blinding light that shines from behind her. She also has seven scars on her back that greatly resemble the stars emblazoned in Goku Uniforms. The origin of these scars is unknown, but they are likely a result of her fusion with Life Fibers. Ragyō is a character bathed in luxury and it shows in her overall presentation and attitude. She is vain and proud, and boasts her power and status abundantly. According to Rei Hōōmaru, her character and morals are at the very least questionable. Like Satsuki Kiryūin, Ragyō is strangely willing to indulge the whims of her inferiors, and is quite personable with those loyal to her, and is similarly ruthless towards her enemies. However, she is individualistically treacherous and sadistic, brutalizing and maniacally taunting Satsuki and Ryūko, and tearing Ryūko's heart out simply to make a point. She enjoys domination and control, lusting for power over the world in order to give it to the Life Fibers. Her cruelty and arrogance has shown to be even more sinister, as she has been shown fondling (and even sexually assaulting) Satsuki and Ryūko, as well as herself in Episode 23. All of this may be done because she merely enjoys dominating someone or something. She was shown to have an unbreakable will (a trait she apparently passed on to Satsuki and Ryūko) and a strong devotion to the Life Fibers, having actively given her human soul to them. As a result, she had absolutely no regard for human life, including her own, going as far as using her infant daughters as test subjects for potentially fatal experiments, and eventually committing suicide rather than accepting defeat after Ryūko kills all the earthly Life Fibers. In her final moments, despite having failed, she believes that the Life Fibers will eventually return to Earth, and despite Ryūko's counterpoint that humans will remain human (and therefore remain capable of defeating them), Ragyō remains undeterred and even smirks before pulling out and crushing her own heart, dissipating into nothingness.

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