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Vorona is a Russian assassin. She was employed in a weapons dealing organization led by Lingerin Douglanikov and her father, Drakon, before she escaped to Japan with a truckload of stolen illegal weapons. Vorona is a slender young woman with light blonde hair and pale violet eyes. In the anime, she wears a white and orange bodysuit that occasionally reveals the cross-shaped scar on the left side of her chest. Vorona is described in the novels as having extensive knowledge about even the most trivial of subjects and can bring up such information right off the top of her head. This trait can be attributed to all the time she spent studying as a child and what she inherited from her father. Lingerin remarks that while Vorona is physically mature, she is still a child mentally, by which he means that there is still a lot about the world that she has yet to experience. She is regarded by her partner Slon as a "fighting addict." She enjoys defeating opponents that are significantly stronger than her in order to increase her strength and loves to fight enemies that bring something unusual to the table (such as Celty, Anri, and Shizuo). Surprisingly, she also has a rather large sweet tooth. This is first shown in Volume 08 where, after Shizuo and Tom ask her about her home in Russia, she somehow steered the conversation over to Russia's history of cake. Shizuo took this as a sign that she had a craving for sweets, which Vorona admitted even though she was a bit embarrassed by it. Vorona also has a rather odd, almost robotic way of speaking. She always goes into extensive detail about a subject when asked about something and also appears to be unusually formal when addressing others. Initially it is suspected that this is because she is not very fluent in Japanese. However, considering she speaks this way even in Russian, it's hard to tell whether her Japanese is poor or if she has gotten good enough at the language to adapt it to her normal speech pattern.

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