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A Condition Called Love

Original Name
Romaji Name
Hananoi-kun to Koi no Yamai


Hotaru Hinase is a first-year high school student who treasures her family and friends above all else. Unable to understand romance, she decides she will be content living without the experience of falling in love. While Hotaru is spending time at a cafe with her close friend, she witnesses the relentless breakup of a handsome honor student, Hananoi. Encountering him sitting alone in the snow on her way home, she extends her umbrella to him in a gesture of kindness. The very next day, Hananoi appears in Hotaru's classroom, asking her to be his girlfriend. Despite being rejected, Hananoi sticks closely by Hotaru's side, performing selfless acts in hopes of pleasing her. Hotaru begins to feel emotions she had never felt before. Believing that these emotions could blossom into love, Hotaru agrees to date Hananoi.

Display picture for Hotaru Hinase

Hotaru Hinase

日生 ほたる
Display picture for Satomi Satomura

Satomi Satomura

里村 紗都美
Display picture for Hibiki Asami

Hibiki Asami

浅見 響
Display picture for Tsukiha Shibamura

Tsukiha Shibamura

芝村 月葉
Display picture for Saki Hananoi

Saki Hananoi

花野井 早希
Display picture for Sohei Yao

Sohei Yao

八尾 創平
Display picture for Keigo Kurata

Keigo Kurata

倉田 圭吾

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