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"I don't know where I'd be if I didn't have the community at MyWaifuList to tell me who is garbage" - ForbiddenToaster

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"This site really helped me get my act together and realize my poor waifu choices were not only affecting me, but also my family. I've really cleaned up my act since discovering MyWaifuList" - ExAsunaLuvr1991

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We all have trash taste - might as well see how bad it really is. Each Waifu will have a trash counter so you can see just how horrible your taste is.

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"Holy Moly" - @GREATBLACKOTAKU (may or may not have been about MyWaifuList)

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We already know it's terrible, so why not join in some merry discussion? Someone badmouthing your Waifu? Get out there and defend her! MyWaifuList includes a comment section on each Waifu.

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