Naoto Shirogane

Naoto Shirogane
Original Name
白鐘 直斗
Romaji Name
Shirogane Naoto
Appears In
Persona 4
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
April 27th 1995
152.00 cm
Blood Type
Popularity # 611
Like # 534
Trash # 2087

Naoto Shirogane is a playable character in Persona 4. The fifth generation of the famed Shirogane detectives, Naoto arrives in Inaba to help investigate the murders, and enrolls as a first-year student at Yasogami High School. Having lost both her parents in a car accident when she was very young, Naoto is an orphan who acts very mature in spite of her age. As a descendant of a respected lineage of famous detectives, she wears formal clothing and deepens her voice when she speaks in a sophisticated, stilted manner. She is generally very serious, focused and mission-oriented. She rarely jokes around which can make her seem like a killjoy or party pooper when the team is involved in silly antics. In Persona 4 Arena, Kanji calls her out on this, saying she is too "uptight" and it makes her seem distant and on a different wavelength. This has led to a lack of friends and while she does not show it often, she desires for friendship and a sense of belonging. As she bonds further with the team, she warms up considerably. In Persona 4 Arena, she notes the surprising difficulty in trying to balance her detective work with her newfound friends. In fact, she even expresses concern that she keeps putting work before time with them, showing how much her relationships with them have become to her. Naoto is very intelligent and analytical. A running gag, however, is that she texts in all caps with abbreviations, for example, "SEE U TOMORROW? Y/N PLZ REPLY ASAP" and "I HAVE IMPORTANT INFORMATION 4 U, PLZ SEE ME TOMORROW AFTER SCHOOL." This gag, however, is exclusive to the localization. Due to her desires to be seen as an ideal detective juxtaposed with her age and her gender, she has become quite insecure: she yearns to be seen as an adult, and expresses frustration at being treated like a child by the police force. She hates being looked down upon, and fears no one will take her seriously as a female in a sexist occupation field. The sexism Naoto tolerated and endured had made her self-conscious in regards to her femininity, trying to balance it with the image of an ideal detective. In response, Naoto disguised herself as a male from an age young enough to be able to fool most people around her, including wearing platform shoes. It is also implied Naoto began binding her chest to hide her breasts. When she confronts her Shadow, she comes to the realization that her true desire is not in becoming an adult or a male, but to be respected for who she is as a person, including accepting herself as is. However, years of disguising herself as male along with her own personality quirks have her struggling to embrace her femininity after denying it as a part of herself. By the end of the game, due to her own will and with the protagonist's help, she accepts herself for who she is, and the fact she does not always need to change who she is to suit the world. In the epilogue of Persona 4 Golden, she has become more confident in herself, seen as in her no longer binding her breasts and growing out her hair, giving her a more feminine appearance. She is comfortable with not only who she is, but also that everyone else is aware that she is female. Despite her mature nature, Naoto has a shy side to her, as she refuses to wear a bikini at the Yasogami Beauty Pageant, but still manages to win despite dropping out of the swimsuit part because of her endearing popularity among voters. She also becomes embarrassed during the Investigation Team's visit to the Amagi Inn, when the schedules for the hot springs' use were confused. During the ski trip in Persona 4 Golden, Naoto appears to be afraid of ghost stories, and when in a state of fear and/or panic, her voice becomes more feminine than usual, possibly meaning that she affects her voice to sound more masculine. Unlike the other girls, she is shown to be a decent cook as she helped create an edible and delicious cake for Nanako's recovery celebration, though this was mostly down to her insistence that she and the other girls follow the recipe and admits that it took them three attempts to get the desired result. Naoto is uninterested in romance, and seems easily flustered, embarrassed or dismissive when the topic arises. When she possibly receives a love letter, Naoto claims romance is "entangling" and she has no time to be "dilly-dallying with callow love affairs" and almost throws it away. Despite this, she shows a growing interest in the protagonist if one chooses so in her Social Link. It's implied her lack of interest in romance seems to be tied due to not wanting to be distracted from her work along with fear and insecurity in becoming close to someone in such a manner.

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