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A Sister's All You Need

Original Name
Romaji Name
Imouto sae Ireba Ii.
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Itsuki Hashima is a light novelist obsessed with little sisters, strictly focusing on them when he writes his stories. Despite his personality, he is surrounded by a tight circle of friends: Nayuta Kani, a genius yet perverted novelist who is in love with him; Haruto Fuwa, a fellow male author whose work has seen considerable success; Miyako Shirakawa, a good friend that he met in college; and Chihiro, his perfect younger step-brother who takes care of the housework and cooking. Together, they play strange games, go on spontaneous journeys, crack silly jokes, and celebrate each other's successes. However, each individual must also deal with their own issues, whether it is struggling to meet a deadline or coming to terms with traumatic events buried in their past.

TV12 Episodes
Display picture for Kazuko Hashima

Kazuko Hashima

可児 那由多
Display picture for Miyako Shirakawa
Display picture for Chihiro Hashima

Chihiro Hashima

羽島 千尋
Display picture for Ashley Oono

Ashley Oono

大野 アシュリー
Display picture for Kaiko Mikuniyama

Kaiko Mikuniyama

三国山 蚕
Display picture for Setsuna Ena

Setsuna Ena

恵那 刹那
Display picture for Ayane Mitahora

Ayane Mitahora

Display picture for Itsuki Hashima

Itsuki Hashima

羽島 伊月
Display picture for Haruto no Imouto

Haruto no Imouto

Display picture for Yamagata Kirara

Yamagata Kirara

Display picture for Alice


Display picture for Hilde Redfield

Hilde Redfield

Display picture for Haruto Fuwa

Haruto Fuwa

不破 春斗

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