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Aizawa-san Zoushoku

Original Name
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Aizawa-san Zoushoku


High schooler Souta Mizutani is confessed to by the "Frail Beauty" Shino Aizawa, but there is a catch—there are four of her! It turns out that after accidentally falling into a mysterious hole in the ground, Shino multiplied into three other people. They are all technically the same person as Shino, but apart from the original, each of them are manifestations of a different part of her personality: her courage, embarrassment, and lust! While dealing with one girlfriend proves challenging enough for most people, Souta, on the other hand, must now deal with four times the pressure. Although his attention is primarily focused on the original Shino, he will also need to cater to the needs of the duplicates in this series of cute, comedic, and heartwarming antics.

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Shino Aizawa

相沢 思乃

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