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Rakugo, a traditional form of storytelling, takes years for any apprentice to master and ascend to the top rank of shinuchi. Ever since she could remember, Akane Osaki has been mesmerized by her father Tooru's rakugo performances. Peeking in behind a sliding door, she would spend hours watching and mimicking his work. For Tooru, the only thing separating him from that coveted rank is a promotion test in front of an audience and a senior rakugo master, Issho Arakawa. Despite his passionate performance, Tooru finds himself expelled from the rakugo school following the exam. This makes him give up on rakugo entirely and settle for a regular job, breaking his daughter's heart. Filled with grief and anger, Akane now seeks vengeance on the man who refuses to see the genius behind her father's rakugo style. She begs Tooru's former rakugo master, Shiguma Arakawa, to take her under his wing. But Shiguma feels unworthy of taking on another pupil after what happened to her father six years prior. In order to see if she has what it takes to enter the rakugo world, Shiguma urges Akane to test her resolve by performing in front of an audience.

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