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Asteroid in Love

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Koisuru Asteroid
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In a fateful childhood encounter, Mira Kinohata met a stargazing dreamer named Ao Manaka. Though their time together was short, Ao showed Mira the wonders of astronomy, from orbiting planets to distant stars. Before they parted, Mira learned that a star with her name exists, but there are none with Ao's. And so, she forged a promise: one day, she would discover a new asteroid and name it after Ao. Years later, Mira is still fascinated with astronomy. Now in high school at Hoshizaki Academy, she tries to join the Astronomy Club. Unfortunately, she finds out that the club has been merged with the Geology Club to form a single Earth Sciences Club. She joins this new club and finds a pleasant surprise—she reunites with Ao after years of separation. Alongside their new clubmates, Mira and Ao begin their journey together to fulfill their promise. How hard could it possibly be to find an asteroid?

TV12 Episodes
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Display picture for Ao Manaka

Ao Manaka

真中 あお
Display picture for Mira Konohata

Mira Konohata

木ノ幡 みら
Display picture for Moe Suzuya

Moe Suzuya

鈴矢 萌,
Display picture for Mikage Sakurai

Mikage Sakurai

桜井 美景
Display picture for Mari Morino

Mari Morino

森野 真理
Display picture for Mai Inose

Mai Inose

猪瀬 舞
Display picture for Chikage Sakurai

Chikage Sakurai

Display picture for Ayano Usami

Ayano Usami

宇佐美 綾乃
Display picture for Yuu Nanami

Yuu Nanami

七海 悠
Display picture for Misa Konohata

Misa Konohata

木ノ幡 みさ
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