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Kaoruko "Chaos" Moeta is a young manga artist who is down on her luck. She wants to draw manga about high school girls, but her storyboards are bland, her art uninspired, and her premises weak. Her concerned, exasperated editor comes up with an idea: push Chaos to be more social. So, by her recommendation, Chaos moves into a dormitory for female manga artists. She soon meets the other residents: Tsubasa Katsuki, a shounen manga artist; Ruki Irokawa, who draws erotic manga popular with women; and Koyume Koizuka, a shoujo artist who, like Chaos, has yet to be serialized. Quickly striking up a friendship with these girls, Chaos finds new inspiration for her manga and continues to grow her creativity. Comic Girls is a showcase of the daily lives of these manga artists. Will Chaos finally be able to make her debut and become serialized? None of the girls know, but they will all do their best to help each other become the best artists they can be. [Written by MAL Rewrite]

TV12 Episodes
Display picture for Kaoruko Moeta

Kaoruko Moeta

萌田 薫子
Display picture for Ruki Irokawa

Ruki Irokawa

色川 琉姫
Display picture for Koyume Koizuka

Koyume Koizuka

恋塚 小夢
Display picture for Tsubasa Katsuki

Tsubasa Katsuki

勝木 翼
Display picture for Suzu Fūra

Suzu Fūra

怖浦 すず
Display picture for Miharu Nijino

Miharu Nijino

虹野 美晴
Display picture for Nyaos-chan
Display picture for Ririka Hanazono

Ririka Hanazono

花園 莉々香
Display picture for Mayu Amisawa

Mayu Amisawa

編沢 まゆ

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