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Dark Gathering

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Dark Gathering


After a devastating encounter with a restless spirit, ghost-fearing psychic Keitarou Gentouga became a shut-in to avoid additional spectral catastrophes. But no man is a haunted island, and Keitarou eventually reintegrates with society by getting a part-time job as a tutor to the child prodigy Yayoi Houzuki. Yayoi isn’t just an academic genius, though. She’s a talented psychic medium hell-bent on finding the malevolent spirit behind her mother’s disappearance, and she’s gravely determined to drag Keitarou into her terrifying world of grotesque supernatural phenomenon. source: HIDIVE

TV25 Episodes
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Eiko Houzuki

寶月 詠子
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Yayoi Houzuki

寶月 夜宵
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