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Do It Yourself!!

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Do It Yourself!! follows high school girls working on DIY projects, as they struggle, fail, yet don't give up and see the projects through to their end. The story depicts the lives of those girls as they take the first step toward the future.

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Display picture for Serufu Yua

Serufu Yua

結愛 せるふ
Display picture for Miku Suride

Miku Suride

すりで みく
Display picture for Kokoro Kouki

Kokoro Kouki

こうき こころ
Display picture for Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII

Juliet Queen Elizabeth VIII

Display picture for Takumi Hikage

Takumi Hikage

ひかげ たくみ
Display picture for Rei Yasaku

Rei Yasaku

矢や差さ暮く 礼れい
Display picture for Haruko Hoketsu

Haruko Hoketsu

法華津 治子
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