Image for the work Highspeed Etoile

Highspeed Etoile

Original Name
ハイスピード エトワール
Romaji Name
Highspeed Etoile


In the near future, a next-generation racing event called NEX Race is announced, changing the world of racing. New technology has made racing at over 500 km/h safe, changing racing on the world stage completely. Rin Rindou, who once dreamed of being a ballet dancer, had given up her dream due to an injury, became a NEET and lives with her grandmother. However, one day she is suddenly thrown into the world of next-generation racing. (Source: MAL News)

Display picture for Rin Rindou

Rin Rindou

(輪堂 凜
Display picture for Kanata Asakawa

Kanata Asakawa

浅河 カナタ
Display picture for Towa Komachi

Towa Komachi

(小町 永遠
Display picture for Youran Liu

Youran Liu

劉 悠然
Display picture for Sophia B. Tokito

Sophia B. Tokito

ソフィア 時任

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