Image for the work Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo

Original Name
この青空に約束を― ~ようこそつぐみ寮へ~
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One morning, Wataru Hoshino found a sleeping girl—in nothing but her underwear—in his room. When she woke up, she quickly escaped by jumping out of the window, but not without punching Wataru in the face first. This girl, Rinna Sawaki, ends up being a transfer student of Wataru's school, as well as the new roommate of Wataru's dormitory. Wataru lives with four other girls and their school teacher, but due to Temizugawa Heavy Industry's cancellation of their aviation branch—South Sakojima Island's major company—the families involved with the corporation have to be evacuated in one year. As a result of this, the four girls have to leave the island in one year's time. Knowing this, Rinna refuses to become friends with Wataru and the other girls, because of the pain that she might experience as a result of their eventual separation; however, Wataru disagrees with her, and over the course of the year, tries to convince her otherwise. (Source: ANN)

TV13 Episodes
Display picture for Naoko Asakura

Naoko Asakura

浅倉 奈緒子
Display picture for Shizu Fujimura

Shizu Fujimura

藤村 静
Display picture for Saeri Kirishima

Saeri Kirishima

桐島 沙衣里
Display picture for Akane Mitamura

Akane Mitamura

三田村 茜
Display picture for Umi Hayama

Umi Hayama

羽山 海己
Display picture for Rinna Sawaki

Rinna Sawaki

沢城 凛奈
Display picture for Noriko


Display picture for Miyaho Rokujou

Miyaho Rokujou

六条 宮穂

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