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Aya Asagiri is a middle school student who has problems at school because of bullying and endless torment, and at home because of her brother's physical abuse towards her simply to relieve his stress due to his father's expectations on him. While browsing the web, a website showing a terrifying person suddenly appeared on the screen. This person seems to feel sorry for her and how misfortunate she was, and announces that she will give Aya magical powers, and it was up to her If she wanted to use the stick or not. Then at school, When she had opened her locker, she saw a "Toy" Gun and a note on how to use it, where she kept it in Her bag. She is then cornered by the bullies at school when One of her bullies had brought someone to "Play" With her, and with nothing to lose, she fires a weapon that mysteriously had appeared in her locker earlier that day. The shot makes the bullies disappear, but to her horror she discovers that they had been run over by a train due to her gun teleporting them to the train tracks. Aya feels that she killed them, and is confused to see that now she has long red hair and eyes that cry blood, And the next day while mourning, Sarina, One of Aya's bullies malice became stronger as the thought both of their death's were a murder caused by Aya; and before she could cut her mouth open, someone stopped time and was Eventually saved. Then she discovers that she is not alone when one of her classmates reveals that she is also a Magical Girl. Aya learns from the Magical Girls, and from the power she has acquired from her new friend who offered her help. Although the two girls can not explain why there is something that looks like a countdown on the website, and they fear it's a bad thing.

TV12 Episodes
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Display picture for Aya Asagiri

Aya Asagiri

朝霧 彩 Ayappi
Display picture for Tsuyuno Yatsumura

Tsuyuno Yatsumura

奴村 露乃
Display picture for Kosame Amagai

Kosame Amagai

雨谷 小雨
Display picture for Nijimi Anazawa

Nijimi Anazawa

穴沢 虹海
Display picture for Rina Shioi

Rina Shioi

潮井 梨ナ
Display picture for Kiyoharu Suirenji

Kiyoharu Suirenji

水蓮寺 清春
Display picture for Sarina Shizukume

Sarina Shizukume

雫芽 さりな
Display picture for Sayuki Ringa

Sayuki Ringa

燐賀 紗雪
Display picture for Airi Komura

Airi Komura

湖村 愛里
Display picture for Mikari Izumigamine

Mikari Izumigamine

泉ヶ峰 みかり
Display picture for Nana


漆 The "oh-so-clever" Nana
Display picture for Kayo Komura

Kayo Komura

湖村 花夜
Display picture for Ai Kawano

Ai Kawano

川野 愛
Display picture for Yuka Sumikura

Yuka Sumikura

住倉 湯華
Display picture for Sakura Sakaki

Sakura Sakaki

酒木 さくら
Display picture for Kaname Asagiri

Kaname Asagiri

朝霧 要
Display picture for Isoko Anjou

Isoko Anjou

Display picture for Melissa Maina Mitsushiro

Melissa Maina Mitsushiro

蜜白 メリッサ 麻衣奈
Display picture for Erika Kaijima
Display picture for Hitomiko Yonekawa
Display picture for Alice Misumi

Alice Misumi

美炭 アリス
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