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Mobile Suit Gundam

Original Name
Romaji Name
Parent Title
Mobile Suit Gundam
Episode Count
Release Date
June 23rd, 2017
Airing Start Date
Airing End Date

U.C.0096, the Earth Federation Army Information Division feel the threat to the ‘Psycho Frame’ after the ‘Laplace Box’ incident. In order to close in on the mystery, an investigation team was dispatched to the asteroid Axis, whose plummet to Earth was prevented due to the influence of the ‘Psycho Frame’. Within the members of the investigation team are Arlette Almage and Danton Hyleg, both of whom served the Principality of Zeon and Neo Zeon as an engineer and a test pilot, repectively. Upon infiltrating Axis, the investigation team is attacked by new-style Gundam at a base where no one should have been. Arlette and Danton encounter something they never would have imagined…

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