Persona 2

Original Name
Romaji Name
Perusona 2
Release Date


The narrative follows a high school student in Sumaru City, Japan, who becomes involved in an urban myth known as the Joker's Curse. When the protagonist and his friends use a ritual to call the joker, they unwittingly trigger a chain of events leading to disorder and chaos. The group ventures through dark and twisted versions of their city to confront and eliminate the sources of the curse.

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Display picture for Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Display picture for Maya Amano

Maya Amano

天野 舞耶
Display picture for Lisa Silverman

Lisa Silverman

リサ・シルバーマン, Ginko
Display picture for Ulala Serizawa

Ulala Serizawa

芹沢 うらら
Display picture for Yukino Mayuzumi

Yukino Mayuzumi

黛 ゆきの
Display picture for Jun Kurosu

Jun Kurosu

黒須 淳
Display picture for Eikichi Mishina

Eikichi Mishina

Display picture for Anna Yoshizaka

Anna Yoshizaka

吉栄 杏奈, よしざかあんな
Display picture for Baofu


パオフゥ (嵯峨薫)
Display picture for Katsuya Suou

Katsuya Suou

周防 克哉
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