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Remake Our Life!

Original Name
Romaji Name
Bokurema: Bokutachi no Remake
Release Date


Follows unsuccessful game director Kyouya Hashiba. His company goes bankrupt, and he ends up returning to his parents' home. He lies in bed thinking about the successful creators of his generation. When he opens his eyes, Kyouya finds that he has gone back in time 10 years to when he started college. He has an opportunity to remake his life, starting as an arts college student. He now lives in a four-person coed share house. Kyouya has the chance to spend his formative years with creators he knows will be famous in the future, but things might not turn out as he expected.

TV12 Episodes
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Display picture for Eiko Kawasegawa

Eiko Kawasegawa

河瀬川 英子
Display picture for Nanako Kogure

Nanako Kogure

小暮 奈々子
Display picture for Kanou
Display picture for Yurika Hiyama
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Ayaka Minori

御法 彩花
Display picture for Miyoko Hashiba
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