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Women's bicycle racing was born during the post-war period of turmoil. It has been several decades since its short competitive history came to an end after only 15 years. Women's bicycle racing has been revived as the Rinkai League. With the birth of a major star who is active all over the world, many feel unprecedented excitement. Invincible Queen, Ibushi Silver Veteran, an athlete who has reached the pinnacle in other sports. The challengers came with only big dreams in their hearts even though they had no experience in sports. (Source: Official site, translated)

Display picture for Miko Yahiko

Miko Yahiko

弥彦 巫子
Display picture for Izumi Ito

Izumi Ito

伊東 泉
Display picture for Miho Kurume

Miho Kurume

熊本 愛
Display picture for Kyoko Mukomachi

Kyoko Mukomachi

きょコ 武庫町
Display picture for Sachi Nagoya

Sachi Nagoya

弥彦 巫子
Display picture for Ai Kumamoto

Ai Kumamoto

熊本 愛
Display picture for Renmi Hiroshima

Renmi Hiroshima

連未 広島
Display picture for Momoka Tamano

Momoka Tamano

モモカ たまの
Display picture for Reimu Tachikawa

Reimu Tachikawa

霊夢 立川
Display picture for Nana Hiratsuka

Nana Hiratsuka

平塚 ナナ
Display picture for Kinuhaya Takamatsu

Kinuhaya Takamatsu

弥彦 巫子

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