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Senki Zesshou Symphogear
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Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou—the idol duo known as Zwei Wing—use their songs to power ancient weapons known as "symphogears" to combat a deadly alien race called the "Noise." While the general public is aware of the Noise's existence, knowledge of the symphogears are kept a secret. When the Noise attack one of Zwei Wing's concerts, Kanade sacrifices herself to protect a young girl named Hibiki Tachibana, leaving Tsubasa devastated and a fragment of her symphogear embedded within Hibiki. Two years pass and Hibiki is once again dragged into a Noise attack. While rescuing a young girl who has been left behind during the evacuation, she awakens the power of Kanade's symphogear lying within her. Although Tsubasa still grieves over the loss of Kanade, both girls must now learn to work together using their powers to defend humanity against the Noise.

TV13 Episodes
Display picture for Chris Yukine

Chris Yukine

雪音 クリス
Display picture for Tsubasa Kazanari
Display picture for Hibiki Tachibana
Display picture for Kanade Amou
Display picture for Miku Kohinata

Miku Kohinata

小日向 未来
Display picture for Ryoko Sakurai
Display picture for Aoi Tomosato

Aoi Tomosato

友里 あおい
Display picture for Kuriyo Ando

Kuriyo Ando

安藤 創世
Display picture for Fine


Display picture for Yumi Itaba

Yumi Itaba

板場 弓美
Display picture for Shiori Terashima

Shiori Terashima

寺島 詩織
Display picture for Elsa Bête

Elsa Bête


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