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Tribe Nine

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Haru Shirogane is a weak-minded person who is constantly bullied while Taiga has traveled from across the sea in hopes of becoming the strongest man in the world. One night, the two meet up with Shun Kamiya, the strongest XB (Extreme Baseball) player, and leader of the Minato Tribe. When they meet, each of the Tribes scattered throughout Neo-Tokyo are about to face a major threat. On the orders of the King of Neo-Tokyo, "Houtenshin", the Chiyoda Try, led by the mysterious Ojiro Otori, has started to take control of all the tribes in the country. Their evil clutches are about to reach the Minato Tribe...

TV12 Episodes
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Display picture for Saori Arisugawa

Saori Arisugawa

有栖川 さおり
Display picture for Enoki Yukigaya

Enoki Yukigaya

雪谷 えのき
Display picture for Yui Kamiki

Yui Kamiki

神木 結衣
Display picture for Shun Kamiya

Shun Kamiya

神谷 瞬
Display picture for Haru Shirokane

Haru Shirokane

白金 ハル
Display picture for Taiga


Display picture for Santaro Mita

Santaro Mita

三田 三太郎
Display picture for Fucho Sonoda

Fucho Sonoda

園田 不兆
Display picture for Manami Daimon

Manami Daimon

大門 愛海
Display picture for Kazuki Aoyama

Kazuki Aoyama

青山 カズキ
Display picture for Ojiro Otori

Ojiro Otori

鳳 王次郎
Display picture for Rankichi Umeda

Rankichi Umeda

梅田 蘭吉
Display picture for Tenshin Otori

Tenshin Otori

鳳 天心
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