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Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

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Hiding in the school toilet, Daichi Shinagawa curses upon the fact that his idle high school life is suddenly interrupted by an annoying presence—the class representative Hana Adachi. Unfortunately for the delinquent, the eccentric Adachi enters the male washroom without hesitation and discovers his hiding spot in a flash. Going on a field trip with his classmates is the least of Shinagawa's concerns, but that is the very thing that Adachi would not give up on. By hook or crook, she insists that everyone in the class attend the trip, including the reluctant Shinagawa. To make matters worse, despite his constant rejection Adachi would keep following Shinagawa even after school has ended. However, after an encounter with a pair of purse snatchers, Shinagawa soon learns that Adachi has an unexpected side to her, and is soon thrust into chaotic school life filled with her inescapable antics.

Display picture for Hana Adachi

Hana Adachi

足立 花
Display picture for Sakura Miyagi

Sakura Miyagi

Display picture for Anna Ichinomiya

Anna Ichinomiya

一宮 杏奈
Display picture for Rinka Himeji

Rinka Himeji

姫路 凜風
Display picture for Kairi Shinagawa

Kairi Shinagawa

品川 海里
Display picture for Makoto Kumagaya

Makoto Kumagaya

熊谷 マコト

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