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Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs

Original Name
Romaji Name
Yuragi-sou no Yuuna-san
Release Date


Once a hot springs inn, now a boarding house with extraordinarily cheap rent, Yuragi-sou is virtually uninhabited save for a few peculiar residents. As rumor has it, it is haunted by a vile ghost which scares away all potential tenants. Therefore, it is the perfect refuge for Fuyuzora Kogarashi, a broke and homeless high school student whose luck never shines due to being constantly possessed by ghosts and ridden by debt as a result. Kogarashi prepares for a face-off against the ghost, only to find out it is not as malicious as the rumors made it out to be. Instead, it is the ghost of a beautiful, silver-haired girl whose only recollection of her life before death is her name: Yuuna Yunohana. Even more baffling is that the other tenants of Yuragi-sou not only are able to see Yuuna as well, but each having their own supernatural ability. Amidst the chaos caused by his quirky fellow residents, Kogarashi attempts to uncover the regret that keeps Yuuna anchored to the world of the living, lest she becomes an evil spirit sentenced to spend her afterlife in hell.

TV12 Episodes
Display picture for Yuuna Yunohana

Yuuna Yunohana

湯ノ花 幽奈
Display picture for Sagiri Ameno

Sagiri Ameno

雨野 狭霧
Display picture for Chisaki Miyazaki

Chisaki Miyazaki

宮崎 千紗希
Display picture for Yaya Fushiguro
Display picture for Nonko Arahabaki

Nonko Arahabaki

荒覇吐 呑子
Display picture for Oboro Shintō

Oboro Shintō

神刀 朧
Display picture for Hibari Ameno

Hibari Ameno

雨野 雲雀
Display picture for Hiyori Miyazaki

Hiyori Miyazaki

宮崎 ひより
Display picture for Karura Hiōgi

Karura Hiōgi

緋扇 かるら
Display picture for Harumu Yumesaki

Harumu Yumesaki

Display picture for Matora Mikogami
Display picture for Ouga Makyouin

Ouga Makyouin

Display picture for Shion Todoroki
Display picture for Nakai Chitose
Display picture for Urakata Urara
Display picture for Koyuzu Shigaraki
Display picture for Seri Yanazawa
Display picture for Miria Katsuragi

Miria Katsuragi

葛城 ミリア
Display picture for Ami


Display picture for Rui Harashima

Rui Harashima


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