11th Seat of the Black Scripture

11th Seat of the Black Scripture
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The 11th Seat of the Black Scripture is a member of the Slane Theocracy's strongest combat unit and is one of the strongest humans within the continent and whose power is ranked as hero level by the standards of the New World. A woman with long blue hair tied with a braid and riding on a crystal. She has an open appearance enough to see her underwear. Her clothes were also described to appear as loose and sagging. She wears an abnormally large hat that hides most of her face. She was described to be a listless woman in nature and does not like the idea of taking responsibility for herself while finding it annoying to shoulder. She hates taking the blame if everything goes wrong with the orders, hence, it was very acceptable of having others take responsibility over her and her mistakes. She was the kind of woman who would rather listen to and quietly follow orders given to her by the higher-ups without resistance. On the other hand, she apparently appears to be viewed by others who met her the first time as a tired woman. In public, she walked, in a way which made onlookers believe that she did not want to walk at all or continue doing so. She can easily be annoyed by whatever questions Azuth were asking of her and her colleagues. Although she may act rude around some people like Azuth, she was ready to back off the moment her leader decides to step in and stop her from embarrassing their group any further while they are supposed to be doing their duty. She also agrees with how Azuth thinks of her as someone whose own thought process is annoying. Similarly to her teammates, the 11th seat is shown to possess little to no hesitation in killing either Demi-Human, Heteromorphs, and even Human Beings if given the order to so. As seen where she nonchalantly asked Quaiesse if she should slaughter the entirety of Blue Roses and Azuth Aindra upon hearing of him possibly having vital information on the Slane Theocracy. She is not the least bit afraid or hesitant of unleashing her killing intent at anyone who disrespects their superior.

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