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665 is a member of the Shadow Garden, being one of the Numbers. She is part of a three-person squad consisting of herself, 664, and 666. After 666 becomes queen of the Oriana Kingdom, 665 becomes one of her maids alongside 664. 665 is a beautiful young female Elf with waist-length white hair and blue eyes. She is depicted as being tall with a curvy body that have sizable bust to contrast her from her partner, 664. As a member of Shadow Garden, 665 wears a dark Slime Bodysuit with gold accents which is a standard uniform for a Numbers agent, but with a bustier compliment to showcase her bust while allowing unrestricted movement. After forming a team with 664 and Rose Oriana, 665 added shoulder pads with a mini-cape attached, which covered her upper back, and her bustier now exposes the top half of her breasts. Compared to the overly diligent 664, 665 is noticeably more laid-back. However, she does follow her orders obediently and cares for her comrades. Overall, between the more extreme 664 and 666, 665 often serves as the voice of reason within their squad. In the anime, she also appears to be a glutton, often appearing with food in her mouth.

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