Abel Walker Husbando

Abel Walker
Place of Origin
Magic Realm
Date of Birth
October 26th
176.00 cm
64.30 kg
Blood Type
Popularity # 32548
Like # 34097
Trash # 20191

Abel Walker is a third-year student at Easton Magic Academy. He is the leader of the Magia Lupus, the prefect for Lang dorm and the primary antagonist of the Magia Lupus Arc. Abel is a young man of average height and a slim build. One of his most notable features is his medium-length platinum hair with vibrant purple tips that rests at his shoulders. He has pink almond-shaped irises with cross-shaped pupils framed by short eyebrows. He naturally only had two lines on his face, a long one that goes past his eye and bends diagonally towards his left cheek, and a short one below his left eye, with an artificial third one beside it. His outfit consists of the white robe with purple highlights at the ends worn by other Magia Lupus members, but with a stark modification in the form of furred hood that gives him a more regal appearance. Underneath he wears the typical black button-up secured by a white tie, black slacks held up by a simple belt, and a pair of formal shoes. He is almost always shown to be cradling a doll in his left arm that he occasionally addresses as "Mother". Abel's personality is defined by his philosophy that humanity is inherently evil, having a feast or famine type of philosophy, with his catchphrase being that "the strong have the right to take from the weak". He has no qualms about turning people into puppets to further his own goals, showing an apathetic disregard for lives he sees to be lesser than him, and showcasing an arrogant, cold disposition toward those he sees to be inferior and weak. Another demonstration of his detached malice towards the lesser beings, he says it, is when he says that merely shunning those who have no magic is too merciful, and implies that they should be wiped out, he has no problem also suggesting that those who shelter such people should be removed as well. All of these seem to be his primary goals after becoming a Divine Visionary, which he set in motion by forming the Magia Lupus and starting its aggressive approach of taking Gold coins that other dorms possess. Befitting his lineage, His manner of speech is eloquent and polite, never visually showing displeasure upon his first encounter with Mash but attacking the latter indirectly insulting him by acting like his usual nature. However, after his defeat by Mash, he seems to have improved his mindset, helping Mash to become a divine visionary in the Tri-Magic-Athalon Divine Visionary Final Exam Arc.

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