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Adam Taurus was a character in RWBY. Formerly an abused worker for the Schnee Dust Company, and later the leader of the White Fang's Vale branch, he became the High Leader of the White Fang after murdering the former leader Sienna Khan in a coup, but was ousted from the White Fang after their defeat in "Haven's Fate". After his failure at the Battle of Haven and his subsequent expulsion from the White Fang, he began relentlessly chasing his ex partner, Blake Belladonna, only to be overpowered and killed by her and Yang Xiao Long in "Seeing Red". He served as the main antagonist of Volume 6 alongside Caroline Cordovin. Described as both a mentor and former romantic partner, Adam made his first appearance in the "Black" Trailer as a deuteragonist where he worked together with Blake to attack a train carrying a Dust shipment but was abandoned by her at the end of the trailer. He later made his first proper appearance in the show at the end of "Breach". His weapons of choice were Wilt and Blush, a sword and a rifle that Fueled by the inhumane treatment he received when he still worked for the Schnee Dust Company and his growing personal vendetta, a young Adam found the home he was looking for in the White Fang, where he was accepted and loved; his happily ever after. During his time as a part of the White Fang, Adam realized his comparative strength to everyone else and began to make use of it. In the "Volume 6 Adam Character Short", Adam was initially not nearly as antagonistic as he was in the present. He did not begin killing Humans until he was forced to do so to protect Ghira Belladonna. He showed a brief conflict over this action when the latter reprimanded him for it, though after Sienna Khan praises his actions, he began to kill more frequently. Adam's manipulation of Blake Belladonna was also shown; after being confronted by Blake for his violence, he lashed out at her by mentioning her parents' abandonment of their cause, and then apologized and professed his fear of losing her support, emotionally shackling her to himself. By the time of the "Black" Trailer, he shows little regard for the lives of the Humans on the train when he planned on destroying it.

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