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She-Ra: Princess of Power
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January 19th
244.00 cm
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The fierce leader of the Rebellion, Adora is an orphan who was formerly raised by the evil Horde and believed they were doing good. When she discovers a magic sword that transforms her into She-Ra, a mythical warror princess, Adora learns the truth and becomes driven to fight the Horde. She finds a new surrogate family in the Rebellion and unites a group of magical princesses in the ultimate fight against evil. Adora is a tall, pale tan-skinned teenage girl with a slender and athletic physique. She has blue-gray eyes, dark brown narrow eyebrows, and thick lashes. Her most distinctive feature is her long dark blonde hair, usually kept in a high ponytail with a dark gray hair tie, and a poof in the front. Adora wears a red, quarter-length-sleeved jacket with a popped pale-beige collar (along with a Force Captain badge, which she removes once she defects from the Horde). Under her jacket, she wears a white turtleneck with pointed cuffs, small red stripes on the sleeves and light gray accents (initially with the Horde symbol on the back, which is removed after she defects to the Rebellion). She also dons a set of plain gray leggings and calf-length red boots with white accents, complimenting the color scheme of her jacket and turtleneck. Adora completes the look with a dark greenish-brown belt with a Horde buckle, which is later replaced with a golden wing as symbol of her newfound Rebellion allegiance. In her vision of the future, Adora wears a long white dress and cape with gold trim and gold headband. She appears to be taller and her hair has been let down and grown longer. She never changes out of her Horde uniform throughout the series because she is not comfortable in other clothes. Adora is a brave, competitive, and noble warrior and is true to her own values and rather sympathetic. She's very strong as it's seen in an arm-wrestling match where she beats the well built and strong-arm wrestler, Sea Hawk. She is shown to be a leader in every group she joins. Realizing what the Horde has done to innocent Etherians, she makes a major life decision (to leave the Horde). Reluctantly, she is willing to lose her lifelong friend, Catra, in order to remain true to her values. Despite making the decision to leave the Horde, Adora has been shown to be most comfortable following rules and sticking to plans. She is not entirely socially competent, having been raised in a military environment, and therefore is typically very blunt and always prefers to be prepared for battle. She is also shown to be unaware of certain familial terms such as "aunt." She has a huge appetite and whenever she is eating she seems to ignore her surroundings. Adora's heroic deeds, power, and positivity begin to grow as she and her friends continue to battle the Evil Horde. She suffers from occasional clumsiness especially when trying to control her powers, weaponry, or when trying to bond with Swift Wind. Adora struggles with pressure when discussing the allies' strike plan in the war tent. Despite all this, Adora/She-Ra works to overcome her fear and become a powerful warrior to save Etheria from tyranny. Due to misinformation given by Light Hope, she becomes very stressed about ending up like Mara, but greatly respects the previous She-Ra after learning the truth about her. She is shown to admire and be attracted to powerful and muscular women, such as Huntara. Due to Shadow Weaver's abuse, Adora believes that she alone is responsible for the well-being of others. She repeatedly talks about needing to fix things and things needing to be perfect. In fact, since becoming She-Ra, she has gained a notable martyr complex. She constantly puts her relationships aside even if they are healthy when it comes to battling the Horde. Notably, after destroying the Sword of Protection, Adora constantly threw herself into battle without regard for her own well-being. Even more notably, she is perfectly willing to sacrifice her own life when it seems necessary. Notable instances were in "The Portal" and "Heart Part 2." In the former, after being saved by Queen Angella, attempts to remove the sword from the portal, but Angella, feeling more remorse over her cowardly actions, sacrifices herself instead. In the latter, when she is prevented from transforming into She-Ra, which would allow her to survive using the Failsafe, Adora opts to use it anyway, even rebuking Catra's support at first, but she has been infected long enough that she cannot use the Failsafe at all. Her complex is further shown in the way she misremembers Angella's request to "take care of each other" as her needing to take care of others. Due to her hero complex, she may occasionally act like she knows what's best for others and ignore their opinions and feelings over wanting to protect them, unintentionally taking away their agency. Both Catra and Glimmer have accused her of acting heroic for the sake of gaining admiration, not fully understanding the reasons behind her complex. When visiting Elberon, she temporarily began to act arrogant as a result of a huge party celebrating her, but felt guilty when her overconfidence put people in danger and realized she had failed to act like an actual hero. According to ND Stevenson, Adora is not comfortable with herself and does not have full understanding of her own personal style nor likes as a result of her upbringing, and she wears the same uniform throughout the show because it is familiar to her and gives her a sense of purpose. She is uncomfortable with certain feminine traits of her former She-Ra form, with the current one fitting her more, and her future vision being more about allowing herself to be soft and vulnerable than femininity. Adora describes herself as a "punch your feelings out guy" and is surprised and a bit amused when Glimmer wants friendship advice from her. Furthermore, Stevenson has described her as very repressed due to how much she focuses on duty over her own wants, and that she would bury things she personally wants (such as being with Catra) deep inside her as if inside a box, but would also get very into those things once the box is broken open. She has been shown to be a forgiving person, being willing to believe in a small possibility that Shadow Weaver may have changed after she escaped the Horde (albeit with reservations and being still suspicious of and eventually reaching her limit with her), quickly forgiving Glimmer after she is rescued from Horde Prime's ship, and being willing to forgive Catra as long as she is willing to try to be better. However, as seen when she vanquishes Horde Prime, she does not forgive evil that is completely unwilling to change. Family: Adam(He-Man) - Twin brother King Randor - Father Queen Marlena - Mother King Miro - Grandfather King Grayskull - Ancestor DC comics appearances: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2013—2015) | as Despara He-Man The Eternity War (2015—2016) | as She-Ra

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