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Agatha Christie (アガサ・クリスティ, Agasa Kurisuti?) is the Knight Commander of the Guards in the Order of the Clock Tower. Her ability is And Then There Were None. Agatha comes as a tall and slim woman, with refined facial features, and blonde curly hair with a short cut whose ends are split into two long low-twintails that reach her hips, tied together by black bows. Her eyes are bright blue. She wears a black hat on her head with a pink rose ribbon. A slim dark red top with a ruffled black trip on the top, a white crop jacket with a black tie over her neck, a long black skirt with a wide opening over her right knee with ruffled trim, dark red tights, and white boots with black laces. She also wears white gloves on her hands, and white long boots, and owns an umbrella and smoking pipe. Being completely refined, Agatha possesses a lady-like attitude. Given her involvement with Mimic's demise and original plan to burn Yokohama to the ground, she has a ruthless, conniving side to her personality, but isn't completely unreasonable.

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