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Agitha is a young, self-proclaimed princess. She lives in her castle in Hyrule Castle Town. She loves to dress in princess-lolita-style clothes and pretend to be a princess of the insect kingdom in her own little castle house. If Link leaves her castle when he still has Golden Bugs on hand, she will whisper that she knows he still has some, accompanied by a low growl. Although she is a bit delusional, she is very kind and caring. She is one of the few characters who is not afraid of Wolf Link, but rather, asks if he would like to play with her, as she thinks he is a puppy. She apologizes for not being able to speak puppy, indicating she thinks that Wolf Link wants to tell her something. Sometimes she can be found outside the southern gates of Hyrule Castle Town during the daytime before Link has brought her all 24 Bugs; she states she is looking for bugs in the flowers. This is the only time she carries her trademark parasol and basket with her. If Link speaks to her around sunset when she is walking back to the city, she says she is heading home and if Link wants to talk to her, he should come visit her at her posh castle.

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