Ai Hayasaka

Ai Hayasaka
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Ai Hayasaka is one of the protagonists in the Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai series. She is a third-year student at Shuchi'in Academy and a former employee of the Shinomiya Group who served as Kaguya Shinomiya's maid. Ai is a beautiful, young girl with blonde hair that is usually tied up at the left side of her head with a blue scrunchie and blue-eyes. She alters her appearance and choice of clothing to suit different roles and carry out her duties as Kaguya's maid. She wears a maid outfit when tending to the Shinomiya household. As a student at Shuchi'in Academy, she wears a modified high school uniform to match up with kogal fashion and a sweater wrapped around her waist. As Haysaca-chan, she dresses up in a Firis Girls' High sailor uniform with her hair down and a small braid tied on the right side, while as Haysaca-kun, she sports a butler uniform and a short, black hair wig. During the class trip, she cut off her ponytail to prevent one of Un'yo Shinomiya's men from continuing to hold on to it. She ends up styling it into a bob with a star and crescent moon hairpin on the left side, her old scrunchie now being used as a wristband on her left hand. Despite her young age, Ai can quickly shift to different types of personalities to suit various kinds of situations and scenarios. She has four distinct personas which, aside from having a specific purpose, has its own unique background and upbringing. As a maid, she is level-headed who carries out duties flawlessly and while she occasionally give her mistress grief over her absurd demands, she still loves her deeply. In her school camouflage version, she is a fashion-conscious schoolgirl with a penchant for rule-breaking and her liveliness is her trademark. The anti-Miyuki version, Haysaca-chan, is a doe-eyed maneater who picks up men in Roppongi and Azabu and leads them around by the nose. Haysaca-kun exists to counter the unpredictable Chika Fujiwara and has the backstory of an Irish orphan who later graduated at Harvard then ended up as a butler who becomes a crybaby when remembering his past. In reality, she is just a kind girl who deeply loves her mistress, whom she considers a sister and is willing to go against the Shinomiya house within reason like sneaking Kaguya out of the main house to see the summer fireworks. She is also known to be very sensitive about the fact that she never had any experience of dating a guy. Since the Kyoto class trip, Hayasaka seems to have dropped her gyaru persona around her friends, who now see her as somewhat distant and harsh. They interpret this as a sign of heartbreak.

maid deredere blonde blue eyes bangs blonde hair fair skin high school student long hair painted nails school uniform student teen thin eyebrows nail polish protagonist shoulder-length hair
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