Aiai Nogi

Aiai Nogi
Original Name
Romaji Name
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Popularity # 23755
Like # 22293
Trash # 25112

Aiai Nogi was a ninth type Quasi-Spirit that first appeared in Date A Live Fragment: Date A Bullet. Nogi wore a sailor suit with a tie removed along with a long skirt. Held in a single hand was a long spear marked with a poisonous color as it dripped down a quite disgusting purple liquid. She had long golden hair, but there are marks of black hair on her head that make it clear that her hair color was dyed. Nogi had a reserved personality, preferring to not be called by her given name due to embarrassment. However, Empty notes that she seemed like the type to have an explosive temperament, which is proven by her willingness to kill people who mocked her name.

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