Aichi Sendou Husbando

Aichi Sendou
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The main protagonist of the original "Cardfight!! Vanguard" series. When he was younger, Aichi was a very shy and lonely boy who is frequently bullied at school. After receiving the rare card "Blaster Blade" from Toshiki Kai one day, he begins to come out of his shell. He eventually meets Kai once more and is persuaded to become a Vanguard player, slowly learning the rules and improving his skills as the series progresses. In the first season, Aichi uses a Royal Paladin deck. Later in the first season, Aichi awakens the power of Psyqualia, a rare psychic ability that gives him the power of precognition during Vanguard battles. However, using Psyqualia corrodes the user's personality, turning Aichi into a cold-blooded, overconfident opponent. Under the manipulation of Ren Suzugamori, a fellow Psyqualia user, Aichi embraces Psyqualia to gain the strength he believes he needs to surpass Kai. Symbolic of this, he abandons his Royal Paladin deck in exchange for a Shadow Paladin deck and begins to use Kai's "Final Turn" catchphrase when he foresees victory. Aichi is convinced to abandon Psyqualia after a match with Kai, in which he realizes his true wish of fighting Kai on equal terms without reliance on Psyqualia. He also regains his Royal Paladin deck. However, Aichi cannot completely rid himself of his desire to use the Psyqualia. He eventually embraces both the light and dark sides of himself - the part that embraces Psyqualia and the part that rejects it - and goes on to defeat Ren, also ridding him of Psyqualia in the process. After his fight with Ren, Aichi loses his Psyqualia, but he is not disheartened by it at all. In the second season, he uses a Gold Paladin deck after the Royal Paladin clan is sealed away. In the fourth season, Aichi mysteriously disappears from the world, and no one except for Kai and eventually a few of his friends, remember him. He willingly sealed himself in a sanctuary where the Quatre Knights resided and guarded him. It is later revealed that his reason for his confinement was to contain the seed of Link Joker, which was implanted in him soon after defeating Reversed Takuto. Eventually, Kai gets Aichi to see the error of his ways, destroys the seed into tiny bening shards, and brings him back. In the second series "Cardfight!! Vanguard G", Aichi is Studying abroad in America despite leaving abroad he helps Ibuki and his friends in regards to the Plan G

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