Rentarou Aijou Husbando

Rentarou Aijou
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May 1st
184.00 cm
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Deviluke Necron
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Aijou Rentarou is a first year student at Ohananomitsu High School in Class 1-4 and the protagonist of "The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You. Being rejected over and over again by his childhood crushes, he is eventually told by the Love God that he has 100 soulmates that he will soon meet. He constantly works to be the best boyfriend he can, tempering both his body and mind. Rentarou is a high school student with short dark brown hair, blue comet-colored eyes in the manga, reddish-brown eyes in the anime, and his signature perfectly taut well-kept thick eyebrows. He is most commonly seen wearing his high school uniform. Rentarou is a kind, thoughtful, serious, and sociable boy who is easy to get close to. He knows how to study well and is relatively athletic. Rentarou genuinely loves all his girlfriends more than anything else, and is very easily impressed by their actions, especially when they do things that he finds cute. However, Rentarou is also very protective of his girlfriends and often needs to be calmed down should someone insult or harass any of them, hinting at a somewhat short temper. There have been times where he almost got into fistfights with people whenever he feels like his girlfriends are in danger. Not only that but on multiple occasions he has displayed loyalty and isn't dirty-minded nor willing to do anything that his girlfriends don't want. He dislikes cross-dressing but does it for the sake of his girlfriends.

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