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Aisha Greyrat
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Aisha Greyrat is the daughter of Paul Greyrat and Lilia Greyrat and the younger half-sister to Rudeus Greyrat and Norn Greyrat. Raised by her mother to be a maid to the brother she never met, Aisha was initially very skeptical of him. After meeting him, however, she came to hold genuine respect toward him. Aisha has maroon hair that parts from the middle of her head, frames her face and tied behind her head. She also has green eyes and her canine tooth is clearly visible when she smiles. When she was a child, she wore a child-sized maid outfit created with high quality materials by her mother Lilia Greyrat decorated with frilly embroidery. As she grew up, she became a woman with average height while having a very well-endowed chest. Born and raised by Lilia Greyrat, Aisha's personality is more of an adult than those of her age, able to act and speak in the manner of a maid. She is smart, manipulative, cunning, cute and without any regard for what happens to her subject. At one point she worked Ruijerd Superdia to the point where he complains, manipulates Rudeus Greyrat into giving her his side of the story, and escapes the castle by herself. She has a playful personality and a major brother-complex as she sometimes makes suggestive comments towards Rudeus and has no problem being naked in front of him when taking baths together. It is revealed that she likes gardening, and cute things but usually forbidden by her mother over maid duties. Since Aisha is technically an illegitimate daughter of Paul Greyrat, she has an inferiority complex and thinks that her family does not love her as much as Norn Greyrat. This causes Aisha to be hungry for attention and very competitive with Norn. This is further reinforced by Claire Latreia, her step-grandmother who looks at Aisha with disdain and gets angry at her for being more talented than Norn. Due to these factors, her relationship with Norn isn't good.

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