Akane Kurokawa

Akane Kurokawa
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Kurokawa Akane
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Akane Kurokawa is a major supporting character in the Oshi no Ko manga series. She is an excellent method actress, capable of playing personalities to a fault, with connections to the Lala Lai Theatrical Company. Introduced as Aqua's co-star in the reality dating show LoveNow, she ended up being saved by him when she was caught in a controversy following an incident on set and went on to become his girlfriend for the plot of the show. Though a purely professional relationship on his part, she decided to continue it after the show's conclusion in hopes that their fake love would become real someday. Akane is a teenage girl sporting a purplish hair color with blue highlights. Before her controversy, she did not stand out according to LoveNow's audience, giving the sense that neither her personality nor her looks were remarkable. However, after overcoming her controversy, she began sporting a look akin to Ai Hoshino down to her facial expressions and eyes, including Ai's iconic star in her eyes. She has grown her hair to symbolize her new style and not allow the past to drag her down. She is considered to be very beautiful by many people, such as Ruby, Abiko, Yoriko, and Kana Her previous hairstyle was reminiscent of the one she had as a child. In the past, she cut and changed her hairstyle to resemble her past idol Kana. It was extremely effective as even Kana's staff and fans were duped by her strikingly similar looks. Akane's true self is shy and quiet, which makes her a poor fit for a reality dating show, something LoveNow's audience frequently notes. When people started criticizing her and sending her death threats, she became all the more reclusive and was even on the verge of committing suicide. After deciding to return to the show, Aqua suggested that she play a character to protect herself from any backlash from potential future incidents. As a result, she took up Ai Hoshino's personality after hearing that she was Aqua's ideal woman to thank him for saving her life and reputation. She is very diligent and is capable of studying and replicating Ai's demeanor fastidiously (from her mannerisms, speech patterns, and even thought processes), so much so that she effectively bewitched Aqua and was capable of triggering thoughts of Ai in others immediately after looking at her. When asked by Yuki and Mem-Cho, Akane admitted that she was open to the idea of dating Aqua for real if he was willing, as at that point, she believed that she harbored actual romantic feelings for Aqua. Later, she began to question these feelings when she could not confidently answer Aqua's question if she indeed loved him, but blamed her inability to do so on a lack of experience in romance. She is also an accomplished cook, capable of concocting a full-course savory dinner, for which Taishi Gotanda's Mother commented to Aqua that 'this one's [Akane's] a keeper'. She gained these skills after attending cooking courses with her mother and cooking at home. She also has both a serious side and a fun side to her, as shown after seeing a video of kid Aqua; she exclaimed that he was 'cute', yet to her trained eyes, she could tell that he was not putting his soul into his performance but just reciting the lines. Due to the cyberbullying and harassment, she received due to the LoveNow incident, she knows the pain associated with being alone and having no one to confide in. Thus, when Aqua suffered from severe PTSD, she shed tears for him, embraced him, and promised to always be by his side no matter what happens, promising to share his pain. Akane is very astute, as after just receiving little details surrounding Aqua's past, she was capable of piecing together all the details accurately, and deducing his relationship with his late mother, immediately empathizing with his pain and loneliness. She also kept this secret and did not criticize nor sway him when he confided that his reason for getting into theatre and acting was that he wished to get close to and kill someone in the industry. She even said she would help kill that person, justifying this by voicing her belief that Aqua must have had a strong motive, that it was not about right or wrong, and that she would accept Aqua for who he was even if he was a "really bad boy". Her wish to shoulder his guilt with him and her commitment to their relationship caused Aqua to comment that she was "out of her mind". When interacting with Aqua, she displays a caring attitude towards him, which others easily pick up on. She was the only one who stayed by his side after he collapsed and, on multiple occasions, let herself loose in joy and sadness only in front of him. She is also prone to be convinced into doing something whenever someone invokes his name, an example being when Shiranui Frill maintained her participation in the interpersonal audition by informing her that Aqua would be co-starring in the film for which they were auditioning. On the other hand, whenever she interacts with Kana, they invariably have a fiery argument due to several reasons: their shared feelings for Aqua, Kana's jealousy of Akane's success as an actress at a time when she is yet to find any herself, Akane's disappointment that Kana (before the 2.5D live-action production of Tokyo Blade) had become someone happy to let others have the spotlight, and the simple fact that their personalities are polar opposites. When they officially began dating, Akane became much more open in asking Aqua to spoil her after a busy day and appreciated him for all the small actions he made to show his feelings. For instance, Aqua would wait for her outside her workplace and reply to her texts as soon as possible while never failing to praise her for her hard work. They would also display public affection more quickly as she is willing to his arm when walking. All these small actions made her feel grateful and satisfied, so much so that they helped to rid her of all her worries. In addition to her cuter aspects, Akane possesses a dangerous, obsessive, and borderline psychopathic side as well, as shown when she deduced the identity of the Hoshino twins' father and tries to take matters into her own hands by investigating him on her own, even finding his office so that she could attempt his life by concealing a knife in a bouquet of white roses in a similar fashion to Ai's murder. These actions stemmed from a desire to "save" Aqua by preventing contact between him and his father so that he would not have to concern himself with his revenge plot again, allowing him to spend more time with her. She also appeared to be more hurt by the fact that Aqua planted a tracking device without telling her, rather than the fact that he invaded her privacy by placing one on her at all, stating that she'd have given him hundreds of them and even followed him to hell if only he had asked.

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