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Akari is seen as a beautiful and gentle person. She has a positive personality, trying to make the best of a situation. It surprisingly morphs into a motherly personality around her friends, comforting them when they are heartbroken or being their cheer squad in the background when it comes down to their hopes for the future. She's also described as a bit of an airhead. Her attitude and thought process towards her work is unusual compared to her peers and friends, something only Haruki seems to share with her. Despite her experience with her friends, she's clueless about what the concept of "love" means to her, leading to her not falling in love until her high school third year, and is ignorant of the feelings of those infatuated with her for that same reason. Oblivious in the matters of love and crushes. She's shy but has a friendly smile, which makes her popular. Airheaded. Not very good at sports.

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