Akemi Soryuin

Akemi Soryuin
Original Name
奏流院 朱美
Romaji Name
Sōryūin Akemi
Place of Origin
Date of Birth
168.00 cm
54.00 kg
Blood Type
80.00 cm
59.00 cm
83.00 cm
Submitted By
Popularity # 1168
Like # 1028
Trash # 3399

Soryuin Akemi is one of the main protagonists of Dumbbell Nan-Kilo Moteru?. She is a second year high-school student at Koyo Girl's Academy and a regular member of Silverman Gym. Akemi is a tall and slender fair-skinned teenage girl with very long black hair reaching past her waist and light blue eyes. Her outfit while going to Silverman Gym consists of a light blue tank top, dark blue compression shorts, and pink sneakers. Akemi is known for being a charismatic model student, excelling in whatever she does, making her an overall "perfect" person. Beneath her perfect exterior lies her true visage which comes out whenever muscular men are around: like all women in her family, Akemi has a muscle fetish, and she is way more blunt about it than her older sister; by her own account, she was never really interested in anything before she discovered her love of muscles. She tells Hibiki that she chose to join the Silverman Gym in order to live a healthy life. She is unaware of how impressive her life is compared to the average person, as it is completely normal to her.

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