Akio Haza Husbando

Akio Haza
Original Name
稲架 秋ヲ
Romaji Name
Haza Akio
Appears In
7 Seeds
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Date of Birth
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Popularity # 39980
Like # 38427
Trash # 39982

Akio is a tall and muscular young man with long brown, smooth hair bound back in a pigtail. Before being frozen, he cared very much for his looks and could be considered a very good-looking young man, usually wearing casual business clothing. Akio is one of the two leaders of Team Autumn, once a young but successful Internet businessman who studied in America and became fluent in English and Spanish. He and Ran dominate the rest of Team Autumn, forcing them to work to quotas. Both Akio and Ran detest the people who sent them to the New World involuntarily. So much that they introduce rules to make sure "those guys' plans" won't work out. But someday two members of their group are breaking the most eternal rule - and now the leaders are out to kill the renegades... Aki means fall, and haza is a covering of rice straw used during harvest. Akio is usually very lazy, but quick-witted, strong-willed, outspoken and able to get things done once he's decided on his course of action. He doesn't shy away from using dirty means to obtain whatever he wants, but isn't really a violent person. He's also able to step up and carry the heavy responsiblity for his group which became necessary when their guide failed them. (hobbies, strengths and weaknesses, special skills…) Apart from his language skills, his ability to organize things effectively and manage work force and sources efficiently, Akio is able to see through even the most agitating and cruel incidents calmly and set everyone's perspective straight again

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