Akira Husbando

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Saiko no Sutoka
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Popularity # 42937
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Akira is the main protagonist of Saiko no Sutoka. He is the main love interest of Saiko-chan, who has an unhinged and obsessive relationship with him. She refers to him as "Senpai", and hunts him down throughout the game. Akira appears to be a young man with green eyes, a blonde, all-back hairstyle, and wears a typical male school uniform consisting of a white buttoned shirt and black dress pants. As Akira acts as the player character, his appearance is almost never seen in-game, as the player is in first person view for the entirety of the game. He can be seen in mirrors, and in the ending cutscenes. He appears briefly on the game's main menu where he's tied up in a chair, gagged and unconscious. He appears to stay quiet and calm despite being kidnapped. Both he and Shinji appear to be rather naive, as they can fall for Saiko's tricks, however, he appears to be the less susceptible of the two. In one of the endings it is revealed Akira is likely a rather nice person, as Saiko's obsession with him began when he once helped her off the ground.

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