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Akita Nero
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November 22nd 2007
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Akita Nero is the little brother of Akita Neru. He is also a product of so-called anti-Miku campaign. As per fandom, he is sometimes characterised to be more open, in other depictions shy and confidential, both being a contrast to the mostly tsundere depictions common to the Akita family. However, in Japan, Nero's kinship is mostly considered unofficial. His age is listed as being a range within 13-17, but it seems to be most commonly depicted as 13. Recognition of Nero in the overseas community is modest to significant. Contrary to popular belief, Nero is a creation of Smith Hioka, and did not originate from Rena-tan (formerly; Hankyou). Nero's origins are connected to Neru herself. In October of 2007, Miku's pictures became unavailable to search in main search engines in Japan, which incident led to the birth of Neru. Most search engines became normal again in a few days, but Yahoo! Japan showed unusual results nearly for a month. On November 21, 2007, the 2ch board discussed in the thread 2 Miku related news, that abnormalities were noted. After the report, the company seemed to debug the search engine according to each of the 2ch user's indications. Soon the users made a spoof character Nero as "Neru's younger brother and a Yahoo! programmer who was debugging the program manually". His concept art was released on the following day. Nero has been given a voice at least once, and has been assumed to have originated from Kagamine Len. Much like how Neru is sometimes paired with Len, he is sometimes paired with Kagamine Rin by Western fans.

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