Akito Himenokouji Husbando

Akito Himenokouji
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Himenokouji Akito
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Black Dragon
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Akito Himenokouji is the main protagonist of the series. He recently transferred to Saint Liliana High School where he is placed in class 2A. His twin sister, from whom he has been separated for six years, is a student at the school. Akito has a laid-back personality and hopes to live a calm, normal life, but he will work with his full strength to achieve a goal. He started to take care of his sister when they were younger, however, when their parents died the siblings were separated. Six years later, he moved out of the Takanomiya household (the people who adopted him after he was separated from Akiko) to live on his own and was finally able to reunite with his sister, only to find out that she has a brother complex which had developed while they were separated. He loves to tease Akiko and watching others tease her. Akito is quite protective of Akiko and people around him often comment that Akito has a serious sister complex, although he insists that he only sees her as his little sister. He has secretly made a living by writing erotic novels of brother-sister incest under the pen name "Kouichirou Shindo", which are very popular since before the siblings started living together. He uses his relationship with his sister as an inspiration for his novels, with the characters' names being very similar to their own. He was given the job of Student Council "Vice-Assistant of Proxy of Secretary" so that the girls on the Council could spend more time with him. While Arashi Nikaidou happily claims that the position was fabricated for her underground lover; technically, he is the assistant of Akiko, the student council secretary.

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