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Al Wayne
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Aru Wein
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Al Wayne an unusually strong farmer, is the main protagonist of the Noumin Kanren no Skill Bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta. Al is a good-looking man with brown hair and brown eyes. Dedicated and hard-working, Al is a diligent farmer who always prefers farming the most above anything else. He is quite an oddball since he thinks of himself as a typical farmer; even his surrounding people notice that his skills are not just of "farmer". This farmer craze drives him to the extreme to the point where he'd rather die if he were to offer a job other than farming. He is a kind and helpful person as he always tries to help people if they're in need. Even with his high stats and valuable skills, he never acts arrogant, wanting to keep a low profile as he does not want to stand out much for anything. Born in a peaceful village, Sils, Al lives with his mother and father. From his childhood, he has been obsessed with farming. One day, some villagers caught a girl named Elivia as she stole crops from their fields. Somehow, she broke through them and stole Al's basket of tomatoes. Al decided to chase her, only to find her eating a raw tomato. First, Elivia is hostile to him, thinking he may have come to hurt her. He then told her to eat it after cooking. As continuously, Al cooks for her to eat, and finally, she opens up her heart to him and decides to talk with him. But some villagers caught her while Al began protesting. She didn't do anything this time, but they didn't listen. To wrap up the situation, Al's father showed up and gave the harvested goods as a means of negotiating. While seeing the scene, Elivia returns the stolen tomatoes to Al. So Al makes a promise that they'll be going to stay forever, which Elivia accepts happily, making her his family.

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