Alexei Barnes Walter Husbando

Alexei Barnes Walter
Original Name
Romaji Name
Arekusei Bānesu Barutā
Place of Origin
Kingdom of Belzerg
Date of Birth
Blood Type
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Popularity # 16934
Like # 25199
Trash # 5833

Alexei Barnes Walter is the noble whom Darkness' father tries to set her up in an arranged marriage with, though he later calls it off after seeing how close she is to Kazuma. In essence, Walter is a foil to Kazuma. Despite being a noble, Walter has a sympathetic and courteous personality that is beloved by his people. According to Aqua, everyone in the town of Axel has nothing but praise for him, stating that he often helps distribute items to help the poor and argues against his father's harsher policies. Further exemplifying this is Darkness' refusal to marry him, as she considers him a person with excellent character who won't be angry with anyone, or lecture his staff when they make mistakes, the exact opposite of her ideal. Swordsmanship: His swordplay was shown during his duel on Darkness, where he able inflicted damage to Darkness.

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