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Alfonse is a main character and protagonist in Fire Emblem Heroes. He is a prince of the Askran Kingdom and a member of the Order of Heroes. He is the older brother of Princess Sharena and the son of King Gustav and Queen Henriette. A kind and serious man who is eager to maintain peace, Alfonse thinks of himself as not being the “prince” type, and joined the Order of Heroes even when Askrian people said it wasn’t royal-like and his father expressed outrage. He finds it hard to trust others, acting aloof towards the heroes and Kiran in part because of Zacharias “dying” in battle, as well as being heartbroken when another hero Alfonse had bonded with eventually left. As a result, he is reluctant to make connections with others, and regards those summoned as allies rather than friends. Very knowledgeable, he usually provides background on many aspects of Zenith and the seasonal festivals, and was even shown to be a good artist at one point (even if his drawings are plain). He is also an able strategist, outwitting Surtr in order to let people escape their villages, and cornering Laegjarn by studying Nifl's geography. Alfonse also shows some qualities of a quick thinker, as seen in Book II where he feigns defending a local village from an attack launched by Surtr where he actually evacuated the locals ahead of time by sending smoke signals, as well as feigning intimidation by tricking Letizia into thinking he is heartless to protect nearby villages. He also shows remarkable intelligence in various moments. Due to his serious nature, however, Alfonse often gets dismayed at the shenanigans of other members of the Order, particularly Anna's schemes to earn money, it also causes him to be uncomfortable with directly participating in festivals where dressing up is involved, as is illustrated in the second Spring Festival and only truly loses his composure when someone treats a battle like it were a game, such as when Dagr attempts to defeat the Order just to prove her worth and then gives Alfonse advice about personal matters he does not care about. Over time, with the discovery of Zacharias' true identity and years spent with Kiran, Alfonse has once again begun opening up to the possibility of making friends with other heroes, with the Summoner becoming his closest friend and confidant. In Book V, his feelings towards Kiran have improved to the point of blindly chasing after them in a panic when they are captured as well as being openly affectionate with them, which Sharena teases him about. According to Sharena, Alfonse sees Kiran as someone very special to him, but they are not together romantically.

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