Alice Asmodeus Husbando

Alice Asmodeus
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June 6th
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Asmodeus Alice is one of the main deuteragonists of the series. He is friends with Iruma Suzuki, though self-proclaimed loyal servant of the latter, and considered to have a great amount of magic and power. Alice has a tall stature and feminine features. He has fair skin and medium-length light-pink hair. He has pointed ears and his eyes are magenta with long eyelashes. Instead of wearing Babylus' school uniform, Alice wears a formal set of his own. He wears a black dress shirt under a white waistcoat and an elegant white overcoat with gold trim, complimenting the gold-trimmed boots and white trousers. Initially egotistical, Alice gains a more level opinion of himself after losing to Iruma in a duel. Following his defeat, Alice becomes fiercely loyal to Iruma and unknowingly helps him navigate the oddities of the demon world. Alice still takes great pride in his abilities and fire magic, seeing them as symbols of his family. To most people, Alice is cold and blunt. He does not bother to be nice, and usually is quite clear that he has no interest in the person he is communicating with. This only changes when it is towards Iruma or the topic they are discussing is Iruma himself, or the person to which he communicates with that has earned his respect. To Iruma he comes off as cheery and lovable, and he will talk about Iruma for long periods of time to anyone who will listen. David pointed out that Alice, due to his intelligence and magic, no one dared to approach him but after having entered Babyls and having met Iruma has made him change, leaving aside his initial arrogant and self-centered attitude.

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